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How to Get a Flat Stomach


Every girl dreams about flat belly and thin waist. You can find hundreds of various programs and individual trainers that promise you to help you get rid of belly fat in no time. Many girls try to solve this problem on their own and look for diet plans and exercises. They sweat their guts out, but the belly keeps sagging over the belt and makes those ugly rolls of fat when you sit down.

Unfortunately, flat belly is surrounded by tons of wrong approaches and myths. We do abdominal workouts, eat apples and water only, hula hoop, but this obnoxious fat appears over and over again. So, what are you doing wrong? We've got the answers. Read them in the article below and start doing it right.


Many girls start doing hundreds of abdominal workouts every day, but the belly doesn't get any flatter. The point is abdominal muscle is very strong and can adapt to these routines really quickly. It just doesn't react on the monotonous movements you make. If you want to succeed with your abdominal workouts, you should train obliques as well.



Pilates is an effective fitness system that dwells upon developing strong core. You can start small and slowly increase the intensity to get better results.


Crunches are an ultimate decision if you try to make your belly flatter. All sorts of crunches will help you succeed. Just remember to keep your hands behind your head and do your best to rise your torso as high as possible. Try not to keep your feet on the floor, switch the legs, and constantly increase the number of reps.

Hula hoop

You probably know that hula hoop helps your waist become thinner and your belly flatter. Nevertheless, it doesn't work for many women. Why? Because this is a cardio stimulator. If your pulse isn't rapid enough, you don't launch fat-burning process. It doesn't really matter how big and heavy your hoop is. What is really important is how intensive and frequently you can move it around your waistline. Use this formula to calculate whether your hoop workouts do the trick or not:

(220-Your Age)x 0.6

Then, measure your pulse. If the index is smaller than the sum of the formula, your fat isn't burnt. You want to turn it into an intensive cardio training. For example, hula hoop for 5 minutes, then switch to 1 minute rope jumping, and then get back to your hoop for 2 more minutes. Do 10 reps.

Fat Burn

Growing muscular tissue alone isn't enough for a flat belly. You need to get ripped for better results. Jogging and using elliptical trainer will do the trick.


A lot of girls complain that they do a lot of exercises regularly and don't get any slimmer. This is the commonest mistake they make. The point is all these workouts strengthen the muscles, but they have nothing to do with belly fat. You should start with a proper diet prior to your exercises.

Speaking of diet, some girls switch to fruit diets and eat a lot of sweet fruits. This may cause a phenomenon that some people call "insulin belly". When you eat too much sugar, your body produces insulin that is conductive to belly fat. The best nutrition scheme for flat belly are split meals. Eat small portions (about 200 grams each) 5-6 times a day. Opt for low carb diet and eat more low fat animal proteins. Chicken breasts, shrimps, low fat plain yoghurt, fish and eggs are perfect. Plus, don't forget to drink water and eat fresh fruits and veggies at least 2 times a day. And of course include oatmeal into your menu. It contains cellulose that boosts your metabolism and helps your digestion.

Try to eat proteins and complex carbs in the morning, opt for calcium for lunch, and eat more cellulose and healthy foods.


Don't do just abs

Don't concentrate on abdominal workouts only. Train in complex, do legs, back and arms workouts as well. Otherwise, your shape can become disproportional.

Be careful with weight

Another mistake women make is doing a lot of lends with dumbbells. No matter how hard they try, their bellies look like they eat cakes all days long. So, why doesn't this workout do the trick? In fact, it does. But it is meant to strengthen and increase the muscle. Thus, the belly only looks bigger. Avoid this workout or do it with really light dumbbell or with no dumbbells at all.

Don't eat everything you see

Avoid saturated fats, pastry, soda, and sweets.



So, flat belly is not something that only models can have. The duration and intensity are individual and depends on specific characteristics of your body: it will take some people a month, others might need a year, but if you do it right, the results will show up sooner or later. Just follow the guidelines and don't make all those mistakes many women make, and your belly will become nice and flat in no time!

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