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How to Get a Credit Card with No Credit


Getting a credit card for the first time may be challenging, especially if you have no or bad credit.

Not everyone can qualify for a credit card, but there are loopholes and ways for you to get one.

It is hard for college students to get a credit card. Sometimes no credit is considered to be just as bad as bad credit. It is a vicious circle, but it sure can be broken.


If you are a student

Students have the easiest way out of this as there are student credit cards (consider Citi Forward for College Students). The interest rates are still high and a student will need a co-signer (in most cases it is one of the parents).

Special programs

Once you graduate from your higher education establishment, it will be harder to obtain a credit card: you will need a steady income and a job in a trustworthy firm, or / and a co-signer, too. Banks frown on thirty-something people who don't have a credit history. You can consider banks using Elan card services - they offer a Young Adult Visa with reasonable interest rates but you will still need a co-signer.

Store credit

You can get a store credit, but the interest rates are going to be high. This way the lenders protect themselves from the possible loss of money. This is why the lower the credit, the higher the interest rates. Building your credit score takes time, this is why you should always keep track of your finances and expenses, because once you decide to get, let's say, a mortgage you won't be able to go back in time and fix your score, it takes months or even years.

This is why when you get a credit card and get in debt, you should be very responsible about paying it off - it will improve your credit score.

Note: A credit score is a 3 digit number based the information taken from your credit files. This score displays your creditability.

If you pay off your credit card debt(s) on time, you may build enough credit to get a credit card with lower interest rates.

Gas station credit card

If for some reason you are not willing to get a store credit, you may want to consider a gas station credit card. It is easier to get and it has small limits which will prevent you from getting in a huge debt.

Secured credit card

If this doesn't work for you, you can always apply for a secured credit card. It is secured by your deposit that you pay in advance in case you can't pay off all your debt in the future. If you can't pay it all off, your deposit will be used to cover it. A secured credit card is easy to get, but if you fail to pay back all the money on time, it will ruin your credit score.

If you are an immigrant then it doesn't matter how great your credit history used to be back home - in the US you will have to start from the scratch. If you are an immigrant, then you may want to learn more about the Capital One - Cash Reward for Newcomers.


  • Don't get into debt if you are not sure you can pay it all back. If you fail to pay off your first debt, it will bring down your credit score, which is hard to fix.
  • Don't try to cheat and supply the false documents. that is illegal.
  • Don't neglect the fact that you should have a good credit history.



You will get a credit card; all you need to do is be organized and think it all the way through. Anyway any case will be considered by the bank. Your chances to get the credit card depend on your good organization and responsibility.

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