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How to Get Waves


Retro hairstyle become the more and more popular each day. That style makes women look charming, refined and sophisticated. Wavy hair is one of the most popular hairstyles of the 20th century. It was especially popular in 60s. It isn't that difficult to make that hairstyle by yourself.

This hairstyle has its own name. It is called "the Hollywood Wave". It has received that name because the thick and big wavy hair was the favorite hairstyle of Marylin Monroe. This hairstyle will suit for the official party or the romantic date in the luxurious restaurant. The look of this hairstyle will allow you to feel the chic and to be a retro Hollywood lady for one evening. It is not an occasion that Beyonce and Sarah Jessica Parker have chosen that hairstyle for the most part of their party looks.



Wash and comb your hair

To make this hairstyle you will need to wash your hair thoroughly at first. Dry your hair a little bit so that it would be slightly dump. Now apply some styling mousse onto dump hair. Do that with the help of a hair comb with big teeth. In that way styling mousse will spread evenly.


Dry the hair

After that you should dry your hair with the blow dryer slightly lifting the roots. You need to create necessary volume. It is better to dry your hair with cool air in order not to damage the hair structure.


Twist your hair in locks and fix them in place

Fix the upper locks in place with the help of some bobby pins and they won't prevent you from drying your hair properly. If you are afraid that some marks from bobby pins will be left on your hair you may use the trick of the super models and their stylists. Cover the hair lock with the piece of paper and fix it in place with the bobby pin. You have probably seen the super models with these pieces of paper on their head on Fashion TV or some similar channels.


Curl the whole mass of your hair

Divide the whole mass of your hair to several locks. Take hair iron and start curling one by one. Do this the way so that the direction of the curls would be one and the same. Only in that case you will be able to make the waves. When you finish with the main hair mass you may curl the locks which were fixed in place with bobby pins. It is important that all the locks should look in one and the same direction.


Shape the waves

Now take a large brush and comb your hair. Fix the large waves in place with the invisible bobby pins and spray them with some fixing substance. You may wear your wavy hair down or make messy and loose up-do. To create some definite image you may use the veil or some thin net. Just pin it to your hair. In general the big waves look good with any large decorations like flowers, head bands or hair brooches.


Use hair rolls

You may also try to make this hairstyle with the help of hair rolls. Just apply hairstyle mousse on wet hair and roll them. Dry the hair with the blow dryer and brush your hair forming soft large waves.


  • Don't start combing wet hair. Dry it a little bit.
  • Don't use too much hairstyle mousse or spray otherwise your hair will look greasy.
  • Don't curl your hair in the two opposite directions.



Waves is the best way to create the subtle and elegant image and charm everyone. You may use this hairstyle for the long and medium length hair. If you have long hair you will need to use some extra fixation methods.

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