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How to Get Traffic to your Blog


Having a blog is a rather common thing today, some people have blogs that are like personal journals where they just talk about their life events to share it with their friends and other have blogs that are dedicated to some particular topics, like cooking and crafts, politics, sport, pets or beauty and fashion. Even if you have a blog just for fun and for your personal purposes, it is always nice when people pay attention to it. You can get to know other peoples' opinions on your situations, you can get a piece of advice or some useful information. However, to make your blog more popular online, you need to make sure people come to it, that you have traffic. We've collected tips for you to work on that.



Work on your blog

You shouldnít be satisfied with a simple template; create something special, and let there be a logo. Take your time creating it, it has to be unique and memorable. Your content should be unique, fresh, interesting. Donít make spelling or grammar mistakes, and make sure you post regularly. Don't use much of slang or abbreviations. Choose the right key words for each post Ė keywords that will increase traffic (more about it in the 4th section of the article).


Install a special add-on

The bigger your blog traffic - the bigger your blog PR. Install a program that will help you view your blog PR and PR of other sites. PR stands for Page Rank, the lowest PR is n/a, the highest Ė 10. Even if you have PR 0, it already means something. Install Seoquake or Google Toolbar so you can view PR of every page that you visit. You can disable it when you donít need it or find it annoying.


Communicate with other bloggers

And by ďcommunicateĒ we mean comment on their blog posts. Try to comment on blog posts that have PR higher than 0, the higher the better. The thing is: when you leave a comment it goes under your name and your name is a clickable link to your blog. When you live a link to your blog on a page with high PR, it shares its PR with you. Nonetheless, you have to work hard to get PR higher than n/a or 0. Try to build a network, find friends among popular bloggers, this way you will be able to comment on their blogs more often and maybe one of them can make a blog post about your blog which will increase you traffic: this is how YouTube users promote each other. FYI: if you have your own business, consider creating a YouTube channel (promotion of a YouTube channel is similar to that of a Blog).


Register at forums

If your blog is about pasta, register at a popular forum (with a lot of pages with high PR) about pasta! There you will find people who can help you, they can share their success. Modify your settings and put link to your blog in your signature. There should always be a key word, let it be your name (if itís unique) or name of your blog, that key phrase is what your potential readers enter in google search box. What a user has to enter in a search box to find your blog? Use Google Adwords tool if you have to Ė it helps to find popular and relevant key words (choose ones that have at least 3000 searches a month and low competition). If not, you can use free similar services like Semrush, for example. If you have a link to your blog in your signature, it will stay on every page that you comment (comment on pages with high PR), remember that when you comment, comment appears on the last page Ė check its PR. On forums you can find friends who can help you improve your content and share their knowledge on the topic, and you can share yours. If you canít leave clickable link in your signature, leave it in the body of your comment, but it has to be relevant, on the topic - you donít want to just spam.


  • Donít use the same key word, rephrase it.
  • Donít leave links to your blog if they are not relevant.
  • Donít use key words that are not relevant.
  • Designing your blog donít use pink; donít use bright colors. Sometimes blog design is so annoying, visitors leave it without reading. Write in black, not blue, not yellow, red or green but black.



Remember that promotion itself doesnít make any sense if your blog is mediocre. Work on your content, because even if you get traffic your PR will gradually drop unless your content is worth reading. Add pictures to your blog, but not too many, you can even make them yourself. Content is a king, so make sure your comments are from you and they look nice and they don't look like random spam. Be polite and respectful towards other people with whom you communicate online.

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