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How to Get Tan


Everyone wants to look tanned and beautiful regardless of the season. Luckily, you can get your portion of UV rays anytime you want. You need to know that getting tanned is not all about letting the those rays do their job on your skin. It's also about proper care, preparation, and protection. If you do it right, you would boast bronze skin even in winter. With a bit of know how, you will look nice and healthy 12 months a year!



Make up your mind on the source of tan

That's not a question during hot summer days. Natural sun rays are the best source of tan, so just grab your tools and go to the nearest beach. The best tanning time is 9-11 am and 4-6 pm.Try to get away from the sun from 12 to 3 pm because the UV rays are pretty aggressive during these hours. If you can't get to the beach during these hours or if the beach season is over, opt for tanning beds.


Know your skin type

There are 4 basic types from really thin and light to dark. Each skin type requires different approaches, so do your research before you go tanning.


Exfoliate and hydrate your skin before you go anywhere

The point is hydrated skin will get the best tan while dry skin is covered with dead cells that don't let the sun give you a good tan. Go to the shower and use your body scrub to remove those cells. Apply some moisturizing lotion to your skin, and pay special attention to the driest spots.


Always use sunscreen

That's a crucial point that many passionate tan hunters overlook or just ignore. Anyways, you should use it even if the sun seems to be not really hot. Sunblock lotions with different SPF levels are widely available these days, so choose your product depending on your skin and sun activity. For example, if you have sensitive and white skin and going to spend an hour under the sun, use sunscreen SPF 30 or 40.


Undress properly

Don't wear t-shirts or swimsuits with thick straps. Tan topless if the local laws and your morals don't forbid that. If you opt for a tanning salon, wear no swimsuit at all.


While on the beach, control the direction of the sun

As you probably know, Sun goes round the Earth, and spins on its own axis, so don't forget to change the angle of your body from time to time.


Drink water while you are on the beach

You need some sun tan, not dehydration. Besides, don't forget to moisturize your skin after the tanning session.


Skincare products

Alongside with natural and artificial UV rays, you can opt for spray tan, bronzers, or self-tanning lotions. There is a wide variety of salon sunless tanning products to choose from, but they won't give you that even and long lasting tan that you get on the beach or in the salon.


Don't forget to protect your lips!

Apply some lip balm to prevent them from being scorched and look like 2 pieces of raw meat. Also, wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. Avoid cheap knockoffs though because they are not powerful enough to filter the UV rays.

Don't trust your eyes while on the beach!

You never notice your skin getting darker, let alone redness which is the first symptom of a sunburn.

Don't go to the beach or in the salon without sunscreen!

Sunburns take a long time to heal and cause cancer.

Don't use cheap bronzers

They will give you uneven or unnatural orange color.



Getting tanned is really easy these days, and you can choose an alternative that appeals to you. Just remember that UV rays should be dozed wisely, and don't ignore the protection!

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