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How to Get Skinny Legs


Long and slim legs are one of the most intriguing part of a woman's body. Any other girl's dream is to have pretty and skinny legs however the nature is not that generous to the majority of females and not all of them have skinny, long and slim legs naturally. There is nothing impossible in obtaining skinny legs, however we all should understand that it requires efforts, patience and regular work to be done. Anyway, you reap what you sow so the better you will do your best - the faster and more obvious would be the results.

If you want to get skinny legs, you need to understand that you should take a whole set of measures to achieve the result. Follow the complex of advices and tip below to get slimmer and prettier legs.




The key method to success in this goal is obviously sport. The most effective way to burn calories and to keep the muscles of your legs fit is to go in for sport. You can choose any type of fitness classes that involve lower body exercises or you can run on treadmill, practice on a stationary bike or on an elliptical or go swimming. Exercises on steps or with a fitness ball or skip rope can be also very helpful. Also, try to skip some distance that you usually overcome by a bus or by car or any other transport, walk for a little bit instead on a daily basis.


Great cardio exercise that can help you to lean your body, as when you jog you burn fat all over your body, including legs. While on a treadmill, choose a higher incline level in order not only to lose weight, but to tone your legs and gluteal muscles.

Exercise bicycle

Again, great cardio but most of the work is done only by the legs. Upgrade levels little by little and work out regularly.


The most important exercises for any female. Squats burn fat, build muscles in all the body including legs and gluteal muscles.


These exercises will help you to build muscles, become more flexible and get a better balance.


Muscle stretching will give you opportunity to have leaner legs, plus this kind of exercise is great for releasing tension after hard workouts.

Whichever exercise or type of workout you choose for yourself, make sure you do them regularly, the muscle tissues have to be strained and then released, this is the only way to develop them.



Getting skinnier legs also includes controlling your nutrition in general. It's understandable that if you continue on eating junk food, drinking sodas and treating yourself with desserts every time you consume food - nothing will change. To witness the changes, you need to start making some changes as well.

To get slimmer legs, you should first of all start practicing healthy eating. No salt or salted products at all. Consume more vegetables (grilles, steamed or fresh), meat, poultry and fish. Try not to eat any junk, deep fried, sweet products.



To help your body to get rid of fat on legs you can start making yourself honey massages. To do that, apply evenly melted honey only your palms and massage your thighs for not longer than 15 minutes. Within this time wash away honey with warm water. Do the massage for 7-8 times once in two days.

You can also visit sauna or steam room, they can really help since the fat is melting with your sweat.


Don't go in for only yoga, Pilates or stretching

Make sure you include weightlifting classes and aerobics into your fitness classes list.

Don't start taking any special pills to lose weight

They are harmful for your body in the majority of the cases.

Don't forget about the system of exercises

If you don't do them regularly then it will be no result whatsoever.



Getting skinnier legs is a difficult yet executable task. Pay your efforts to that and the result achieved will be absolutely delightful to you. Don't give up and be persistent in your trainings and diets.

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