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How to Get Rid of a Headache


There are a lot of various methods to get rid of headache naturally. It is not necessary to take pills any time you experience a fit of headache. Moreover frequent pill intake may be dangerous for your stomach as the strong agents may cause irritation and pains. Anyway it is better to use the natural ways to improve your state. There are different factors that may cause bad headaches and you should be aware of the things that have worsened your state in order to exclude them in the future.

Here is the list of the simplest ways to get rid of headache that may be used in any situation.



Cool water

You should rinse your head with the cool water. Some people claim that warm water helps them better however. You may find out which temperature of water brings you relieve easily by adjusting it while rinsing your head. Usually the headache disappears after the third or fourth procedure.


Wet application attached to the forehead

If you don't have the opportunity to rinse your head (for example you are at work) soak a piece of the soft cloth with cool water and attach it to your forehead. You will feel the ache relive at once.


Use the natural aroma essential oils

All you need to do is to rub the two drops of natural essential oil against your temples. One procedure will help you instantly. Use lavender, nutmeg, rose or sweet orange essential oils.


Natural lemon juice and apple vinegar

Soak a piece of the soft cloth in apple vinegar or natural lemon juice. Wipe your temples and forehead with that cloth.


Fresh cold water

The best method to get rid even of the sharpest headache is to drink a glass of fresh cold water each hour. After you have drunk one it is recommended to walk for three minutes.


Wash your head

While you rub the skin of your head and rinse it with warm water you are actually doing a self-massage.



Massage will also be helpful to heal recurrent headaches. Consider massaging the back of the neck, head, hands, feet and shoulders. In that way you will activate the main spots of your body that encourage your organism's self-healing centers to function better.


Increase Blood sugar if low

Low blood sugar may also be the cause of bad headaches. Try drinking a glass of hot tea with lemon and sugar or eat a piece of dark chocolate. You will see you get better soon.


Try using lemon peel

Take a fresh lemon. Peel it and attach the peel to your forehead with its white side. Be careful as the fruit acid may cause the skin irritation manifested in red spot and itchiness. But the headache will disappear at once.


Amber may also be quite helpful

Wear an amber necklace around your neck and you will soon notice that you experience the fits of headache more and more seldom.



Cinnamon is the unique spice that may be used not only in cooking but also may help you to get rid of the annoying headaches. Add it to you cup of tea.


Avoid noises

Don't turn on the radio, TV or tape recorder. The silence will be better for you.

Don't overdose pills

Don't take the excessive amounts of pills if you can't cope with a fit of a bad headache. Call the doctor.

Avoid direct sunlight

Don't walk in the sun without a hat or a kerchief.

Avoid alcohol

Don't consume any alcoholic beverages.

Try to avoid pills if possible

Don't hesitate to take a pill if you feel that the fit of a bad headache is approaching. The medicines will have the stronger effect if taken beforehand.



The headache that is the recurrent one may be the symptom of some serious disorder. The occasional headache may be caused by some outer factors like distress, intense noise or annoying smell. The headache that is located in some definite area and won't be relieved with some natural remedies is the signal that something goes wrong in the body. Don't neglect such type of headaches and apply for the medical help.

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