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How to Get Rid of a Cold


A bad cold is a mysterious thing. It often comes out of the blue without any reason. That's why there are a lot of fallacies about this disorder that people believe in. Of course some of the myths have some sensible background but the most part of them are the total nonsense.Take into consideration the fact that all the traditional remedies can't be effective for everybody. From this article you will know which methods of treating a bad cold are really effective and what is absolutely useless.


Call in sick

First of all take your temperature. If it is high it is better to stay at home. Keep bed for a couple of days. If you will continue going to work if you feel under the weather that will worsen your state and finally you will find yourself in bed in any case. That's why it is better to take off two or three sick days than to work for a week and then lay in bed for two weeks.

Drink more liquids

The perfect liquid is hot water. But many people can't drink hot water as it makes them sick. That's why add some sugar and a slice of lemon. Drink herbal teas, diluted juices, green or black tea. The fluid will help you to reduce the negative effects of the pills that you take. The water balance may be alternated during the illness. Many people just lay in bed and forget to drink. They feel dizziness and muscle weakness and suppose that it is the bad cold. But in the most part of cases that is the mere dehydration. So the more you drink the better. Besides that warm sweet tea may relieve the throat pain. Drink mint tea if you experience sinus pressure. The mint essential oils will help you to breathe easier.


Take the pills as soon as you feel the first signs of the illness. The earlier you start treating yourself the easier the illness will proceed. Don't wait for the high temperature, running nose and the bad cough. If you have high blood pressure try Coricidin HBP Antihistamine Cough & Cold Suppressant Tablets for People with High Blood Pressure. The ones who still have to work may try effective Contac Cold + Flu, Maximum Strength Non-drowsy Formula.

Eat more nutritious food

Many people complain that they experience appetite decline during the bad cold. Of course a piece of fatty sausage or sugary cake may seem even repulsive. If you experience nausea try to eat sour berries. The sour taste reduces nausea. Blueberries, cranberries and black current contain a lot of vitamin C that will help you to get better sooner. Consume more whole grains. They consist of carbohydrates which will provide you the precious energy.

Consult a doctor

Even if you suppose that nothing serious has happened you may be mistaken. A lot of dangerous diseases may start like a bad cold. It is better to have the blood tests run and make sure that everything is in order with our health.


  • Don't neglect the physical strain. During the first week after the bad cold it is almost impossible to make oneself attend a gym. But the easy physical strain is necessary to help our body to switch its normal mode on. Walk upstairs instead of using a lift. If you jog in the mornings usually you may try to walk the same distance.
  • Don't try to treat yourself with alcohol. Many men suppose that the best remedy against the bad cold of flue is a shot or whiskey. That is not true. The matter is that alcohol causes dehydration of the body and makes you feel even worse. It weakens the body and it has no power to fight against the bad cold.
  • Don't wear layers of warm clothes, shut the windows and turn your heater on. The high temperature won't help you to get better soon. Moreover it is recommended to air the room where the ill person sits at least three times a day.



These are the basic recommendations. Anyway it is better to set an appointment with a doctor. It is quite dangerous to treat any illness in improper way. Besides that the bad cold may cause some severe complications.

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