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How to Get Rid of Warts


Warts are the most disgusting skin problems. They look gross and make other people think that you are a dirty and messy person. But their ugly outlooks are not the worst thing about warts. The point is warts are caused by a virus and very contagious.

The scientific definition for a wart is human papillomavirus (HPV). You can get warts from the direct contact with a person who carries this virus. Typically, the warts are subdivided into 4 classes:

Flat warts

This type of warts is commonly found on the face or neck. They are pretty small and hard to notice.

Plantar warts

These warts are located on the feet and are pretty painful when walking.

Palmer warts

As the name suggests, this type of warts is located on hands. This is probably the most widespread type of them.

Genital warts

You can get them during sexual contact with a person who carries HPV.

Timely treatment is very important. The longer you postpone the treatment the worse the things go. Luckily, you can get rid of a simple wart at home without the embarrassment of seeing a doctor.



Use treatments with salicylic acid

They come in various forms: liquids, creams, gels, plasters, etc. Plasters are probably the most effective type of salicylic acid treatment because it contains the higher concentration of acid. Plus, it helps isolate the wart and prevent the virus from spreading all over your body and also hides it. Just apply it to the wart and it will come off pretty fast.


Liquid nitrogen

Another good thing to get rid of the warts as soon as possible is liquid nitrogen. Of course, most people don't have a barrel of nitrogen at home, so you are supposed to go to the dermatologist's office.



Laser treatment is very effective as well. If nothing else helps, you can opt for this type of treatment.


Homemade remedies

If you are looking for homemade remedies, you can try the following method:

  • Take a small piece of banana skin and put it on the wart. Fixate the banana skin with scotch tape. Do that for 3 days.
  • Apple cider vinegar is one of the most effective home remedies for warts. Take a cotton ball and apply some apple cider vinegar on it. Press the cotton ball to the wart for a couple of seconds and let it dry.

During any treatment, you can use a small piece of bandaid or scotch tape to cover your warts in order to protect your family from getting infected.


Don't touch warts!

Neither yours, not someone else's! You can spread the virus all over your body. If you did, wash your hands immediately.

Don't share any personal stuff

Don't share personal hygiene products with other person if one of you has warts. Buy your own soap, razor, toothbrush and antiperspirant if you used to share them with other people.

Always wear shoes

Don't go to the public showers without wearing flip flops.

Contact doctor if

Don't try to use homemade remedies if your wart is:

  • itching
  • changing in color or shape
  • nonuniform in color
  • bleeding
  • indistinct

In these cases, visit your doctor because probably it's not a wart but something more serious.



Warts are often caused by some immune system issues or stress, so, alongside with the above-mentioned treatments, you are recommended to boost your immune system by taking vitamins. It's also very important to avoid stressful situations. Remember that warts are caused by a virus and can appear again after a while. Thus, a complex therapy is required.

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