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How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks


Stretch marks are called skin linear atrophy. In fact they are pale scars that appear due to some hormone changes in your organism, lactation process, rapid weight gain or loss or pregnancy. Stretch marks are likely to appear on skin of the women who lack elastic fibers in their body. That is commonly an inherited factor. In major part of cases stretch marks appear on the hips, buttocks, belly, breasts and forearms. It is explained by excessive strain of skin. Upper skin layer can't resist such tension, gets thinner and thinner and finally may be torn. Dark stretch marks appear due to the same process but in that case deeper layers of skin get damaged and tiny blood vessels get torn and release blood which is accumulated in the place of the stretch mark. That resembles a bruise. The process of removing these annoying dark stretch marks looks the following way in general. At first scar tissues get replaced with connective tissue. They get less visible. After that blood vessels become compressed with that connective tissue and hide in the deepest skin layers. Stretch mark turns pink and gradually becomes pale. They are usually paler that normal skin color as there are no blood vessels that come close to skin in that places. Many people are ready to use all the possible methods only to get rid of these annoying patterns on their skin. They are ready to use either traditional medicines or undergo operational treatment.


Develop right nutrition

Consider food you are accustomed to. To encourage the process of skin regeneration you will need to eat more products rich in protein. Protein is the basic component of elastic fibers. Avoid consuming too much fat and sweet food that will help to control your weight.

Take cold shower

Pick up taking shower with cool water. If you will do that regularly you will see that stretch marks gradually get pale and less visible. After a cold shower rub the problem zones with a rough towel.

Use skin tightening creams

Use creams and body peeling gels which contain collagen and amino acids. Massage them intensively against your target zones.

Provide your body with enough physical activity

Pick up going in for sports. Enough physical strain will strengthen not only muscles but your skin as well. An active way of life, physical exercise, running, stretching will help you to forget about such problem as stretch marks.

Massage the problem areas

Massage will also help your skin to be in a healthy condition. Warming effect of massage will make blood come closer to your skin and provide proper nutrition for the skin cells.


  • Don't allow yourself to gain or lose weight rapidly. If you need to become thinner badly try to make this process step by step. Don't lose more than 4 lbs in a month.
  • Don't cease doing your regular skin care procedures even if your stretch marks became practically unseen. The situation may get worse.
  • Don't forget wearing special underwear form time to time. That will make the procedures more effective.



Of course everyone who has stretch marks would be happy to get rid of them. Some pale stretch marks of an average size located on hips or buttocks are quite normal and can't be called a physical defect. The same goes for women who have already had their menarche and developed big breasts. Traditional remedies are commonly more accessible than the salon procedures. But if you have tried everything and still have no improvement the only way out is partial resection.

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