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How to Get Rid of Split Ends


There's only one thing that can ruin even the most gorgeous hair do of yours - split ends. Split ends make your hair look really messy and it sure makes any other day of yours a bad hair day. Split ends may appear on any type of hair and the reasons to their appearance could be absolutely different. For example, if you are using blow dryer or hair stylers or straighteners too often, when you don't cut the edges of your hair as often as you should, when you don't protect your hair from severe cold temperature or an extreme heat, lack of vitamins, bad quality water and so on.

There are anyway some methods that'll help you to restore better condition of your hair and get rid of split ends.



Frequent reason of split ends is the lack of needed vitamins and minerals. Make sure you are drinking a lot of pure water, start eating fat fish types that contain fatty acids, nuts are also great for hair condition. Olive oil and cereals should become a permanent part of your nutrition now.

Cut hair

Cutting hair as often as once in 2 month will help you considerably to deal with split ends.

Choose right shampoo and conditioner

Reading reviews of other people not make a product universal. What's good for 1 person is a horrible mess for another one. Consult with your hair dresser to find out the best shampoo and conditioner exactly for your hair.

Dry hair treatment

Since hair started splitting, they have become too dry, so you can use any hair treatment products that are created for dry care.

Apply natural hair masks

Natural components are the best ways to improve your hair condition. You can use egg shampoo (teaspoon of rosemary, 1 egg and 2 cups of hot water - mix everything and leave for 20 minutes to get more concentrated, use as any other shampoo).

Also try all natural hair masks, for example 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 eggs; mix all the ingredients together and apply to hair. Keep the mask for about an hours then rinse with cool water.

Split hair treatments

Such products as Organix Hair Brazilian Keratin Therapy Treatment Product Coconut Milk Ends Mender, Schwarzkopf Bonacure Repair Sealed Ends, Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Leave-In Split End Protector Hair Care for Long Hair and other similar will help you to deal with split ends. Follow the instructions given by their manufacturers.


  • Don't forget to use hair conditioned, otherwise you are risking to suffer from dehydration of hair which would result split ends.
  • Don't wash hair more frequent than once in 2 days - if more often, you are destroying their natural oil barrier.
  • Don't forget to protect your hair when they are at direct sunlight or during low temperatures.
  • Don't dye your hair too often - dyed hair are more fragile and they need special extra care.
  • Never ever brush your hair when they are wet!



Split ends should be treated both from the inside by consuming food that contains needed vitamins and minerals and on the outside by changing your hair treatment completely. Don't forget that split ends take time to be fixed so be patient and work on your hair condition.

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