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How to Get Rid of Rats


It may sound surprising but today not only the people who live in the country wish to get rid from rats but also the citizens who dwell in the megalopolises. Rats can find such places as the city dump sites, plants, offices, railway stations the appropriate ones for shelters. Moreover you may meet rats almost anywhere. These rodents don't only damage to food supplies and gnaw the sewer tubes but also may be the transmitters of the whole range of dangerous contagious diseases. Rats may carry more than 30 types of lethal infections. It is not necessary to be bitten by a rat or touch one to get infected. The people may fall ill if they only touch or consume the products spoiled by the rats. That's why the point of getting rid from rats is out of question. There are many methods to get rid of rats. The possibility to use this or that method is commonly defined by a certain number various factors, such as the accessibility of the method, its safety, the size of the house, and the degree of the rat invasion.



Get a cat

The easiest way to get rid of rats which is proved by the time is to keep a cat who will catch the rats or scare them off. It is acceptable if you have a detached house. However if you live in a flat to keep a cat may be not quite comfortable.



Put the small piles and runners of ash in the possible shelter and path of the rats that annoy you. The ash irritates the feet and the mouths of the rodents. Having faced this situation the rats will have to migrate to your neighbors or farther.


Alabaster and flour mix

You may also use the mixture of alabaster and flour. Put the mixture in one bowl and place another bowl with water in the same corner. The rats will eat the mixture and become thirsty. They will drink the water. After that the alabaster will harden inside their bellies and the rodents will die.


Caustic lime and flour

Use the mixture of caustic lime and flour the same way. But in that way the water will cause the chemical reaction inside the bodies of the rats.



You may use mouse traps to catch rats but they will be effective if there are a few rats in your house. Moreover these clever rodents learn to avoid the traps too quickly.



The chemical methods presuppose using the toxins and poisons to get rid of rats. The modern rat poisons are far more effective than the ones of the previous generation. Usually the toxins are mixed with the bait or are spread along the path of the rodents. The rats either ea the poisoned bait or carry the toxic agents on their feet and fur. They lick their fur and get poisoned.


Infra sound

The infra-sound equipment is supposed to be the most effective way to get rid of rats. This equipments takes little space and doesn't bring any harm for the health of the human beings.


  • Don't leave the left outs after your meal uncovered. The rats will be attracted by the smell of food.
  • Don't touch a dead rat if you see one.
  • Don't allow your children to touch the rat bait or taste the poisoned flour.
  • Watch your pets in order to prevent them from eating the bait.
  • Prevent your skin from touching the baits. Use the rubber gloves.
  • Don't try to cope with rats on your own if their amount is large. Call the exterminators.



The rats are likely to gather in the places where they can find food easily. Cover the lids of the garbage bins tightly and remove the food from the table when the meals are over.

If some rat have bitten you you should apply for the medical help at once. The rats are the transmitter of various contagious disease. If you are not sure if the animal that has bitten you was a rat you should still run all the necessary blood tests and get examined by the doctor. He pets and children also require the instant medical help in that case.

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