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How to Get Rid of Headaches


Many people often wonder how to get rid of headaches without taking pills or any other medication. There is a lot of information concerning the causes of headaches. The doctors don't cease to repeat that to treat the intensive recurrent headaches one should get rid of the cause. But in fact almost anyone is able to cope with the fit of acute headache if he has some time and a quiet place. The calm relaxing atmosphere is the key factor that will help you to concentrate on your problem and overcome it.

One may experience acute headaches not only being hangover. According to the statistics more than 80 % of all the people of the world suffer from strong recurrent headaches. 15 % of them have the chronic headaches. In fact there figures are much more significant in the reality as the citizens of the developing countries where the medical care is extremely important commonly don't make an appointment with a doctor if they have a mere fit of headache.

There are more than 300 factors that may cause the intense recurring headaches. The most wide spread of them are traumas, tumors, high blood pressure, infections, distress and emotional tension, vasomotor dyscrasia and harmful habits such as smoking, substance or alcohol abuse.

Here is the list of the methods which will help you to get rig of headaches without taking any remedies or pain killers.


Drink green tea with pepper mint

This method will suit the ones who suffer from recurrent headaches. Delicious chilling cool tea will make you feel better during the hot seasons and calm you down. Mint flues the blood vessels and you will feel relieve 20 minutes later.

Essential oils

Graze your temples with lemon slices, mint leaves, garlic juice or lavender essential oil.

Raw potato

Slice the raw potato and attach it to your head. Fix it with cool wet towel.

Mint essential oil

Graze the back of your head with the mint essential oil.


Make an icy application. But don't keep it too long otherwise you may catch a bad cold.


Take an amber, turn the light off, relax and put the amber on your forehead.

Water and vinegar

Take a glass of warm water, add a little apple vinegar and drinks the whole glass of this mixture at once.


More than 99 % of all the headache fits may be explained by spasms. In that way the head massage will be quite helpful. Rub your forehead. Gently massage the temples and rub the back of your neck.

Try control your breathing

Take average breaths-in and breathe out slowly. Make a pause after each time you breathe out.

Take a nap

When you are experiencing the fit of headache that means your body is telling you that you need some rest.

Practice Shivasana

Lie down on the floor. Stare in the ceiling and try to clean your mind from any thoughts for a while. Relax and close your eyes. Enjoy the moment of full serenity. Turn to your right flank, stretch and slowly get up.


Tea and Coffee

Don't drink strong tea of coffee as that only makes the headache more acute.

No painkillers

Pain killers relieve the symptoms but don't treat the real cause of your headache. So taking them is an emergency thing that you do, not an ordinary one.

Take a break

Don't continue working if you feel the first signs of the fit. Stop for a while and breathe.



All these methods will help if you are quite sure that they work. They may be explained from the physiological point of view but the placebo effect is a far stronger thing that you suppose it to be. If the pains can't be helped you probably should consult a doctor for the further recommendations.

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