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How to Get Rid of Freckles


Though they say that there can't appear the new freckles during the colder seasons the old ones don't vanish but only get slightly lighter. But as soon as the sun gets warmer the freckles pop out in incredible amounts as a rule. In the worst cases the freckles can even merge on the skin surface making the even pigment spots. So why do the freckles appear and is it possible to get rid of them effectively?

Freckles are the peculiar skin condition that is commonly inherited. They appear in the warm seasons when the sun beams get more intensive. The people with blond and ginger red hair are more subjected to developing the freckles. The small and pale freckles usually are supposed to look attractive and nice.

However if you have decided to get rid of these small "sun kisses" it would be better to take the measures during the cold seasons already.



Use SPF protection

Each time you are going to leave the house you should take care of your skin and protect of from the sun beforehand. To empower the sun protecting UV filter lotion use the plain strong tea. Make a strong black tea and rinse your face with it. After that apply your regular facial UV filter cream and a thin layer of mineral powder. In that way you will prevent the appearing of the new freckles and make the old ones look paler.

The good whitening effect have the pot marigold flower juice, raspberry, black current and parsley juice, natural lemon juice, potato starch, the pickled cabbage juice. All these agents have the acid media reaction except starch. Since all of them are natural you may use them as the alternative to the artificial chemical whitening agents.


Natural skin bleaching

Natural skin bleaching masks and washes

To make pale freckles disappear and the bright ones to fade it is recommended to smear your face with the natural yogurt, sour cream or weak solution of hydrogen peroxide. During the hot season you may use the cucumber juice or black current juice in the similar way.

Black current

Mix the black current juice or mashed black current berries with the potato starch. You will get a perfect whitening natural facial mask. Apply it onto your face or shoulders and leave for 15 minutes. It will provide not only the great whitening effect but also minimizes the skin pores.

Sour milk

Wash your face with the sour milk every morning.


If your freckles are not that bright and numerous you may rub your face gently with a slice of lemon.


Make the fresh parsley juice and add the same amount of the boiled milk to it. Use that mixture instead of your regular facial lotion.

Chemical glycerin

The little amounts of pale freckles can be removed with the help of the pure chemical glycerin. Dip a cotton stick in it and point all the freckles with it one by one. After that procedure your skin may get too dry so use the hydrating cream afterwards. Repeat it for five or six times.


  • Don't walk outside under the straight sun beams.
  • Avoid going in the sun without the UV blocks creams.
  • Don't rub your face or use the aggressive whitening agents. That won't make your freckles disappear but may cause the severe allergic reactions and contact dermatitis.
  • Don't try to use the toothpaste, especially the one which contains peppermint. It may cause the unbearable itchiness, redness and skin irritation.



Anyway before you start torturing your skin doing your best to get rid of your freckles, stop and think once again do you really need to remove that nice part of your individuality?

The matter is that freckles may be the natural decoration for your face. A lot of young women and girls apply to the tattoo salon to get some freckles on their forehead, cheeks and nose. The special red and dark brown freckle make up crayons are popular today. So think twice before you take some radical measures.

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