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How to Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs


Fleas are the most widespread animal skin disease. It's very dangerous because it drives your pet crazy with itching; plus, it can cause serious health issues including various allergies and infections. Thus, it's crucial to get rid of fleas on your dog and relieve its suffering once and for all.

There are several remedies to try, so feel free to check this guide and learn more about the most popular and effective treatments and avoid common mistakes that many dog owners make when try to treat fleas at home.


There are various options to choose from. You can opt for topical adulticide or oral medication. Start with administering topical adulticide on your pet's skin, or give it an oral medication. Sometimes it can be pretty challenging to force your dog to eat the pill. It doesn't taste good at all and the vast majority of dogs will spit it out. Some pills can be diluted in food, but in many cases the animal feels it in the food and refuses to eat it. You can open the dog's mouth, put a pill inside, shut the mouth and hold it with your hands until you feel the swallowing movement.


Flea shampoo

Flea shampoo is another good way to go. Just apply some shampoo on the fur, rinse with warm water, and voila - the fleas are gone. Bathe your pet as often as you can to kill all the flies.

Alongside with shampoos, you can use various flea sprays, dips, or flea powders.


Flea collar

Flea collar can also help your dog to get rid of annoying parasites and protect other members of the family or other pets from getting infected.


Homemade remedies

If you don't want to apply any chemical-based solutions, you can try some effective homemade remedies.

Apple cider vinegar solution

Apple cider vinegar and warm water is probably one of the most popular ones. It works great both individually and if accompanied with another type of treatment. Dissolve 1/3 cup of apple cider vinegar in 2/3 cup of warm water, wash your dog with either regular or flea shampoo, then pour the vinegar solution all over your dog. After that, pat the dog dry carefully. You can pour the mixture into a sprayer and spray your dog from time to time. Fleas hate the smell of vinegar and will go away.

Lemon water

Lemon water is another thing that fleas can't stand. Boil 6 lemons in 1 liter of water, leave overnight, and spray it on your dog.


Garlic is an old and proven effective ingredient to get rid of fleas. You can add some in your dog's food to kill the parasites and protect it from many other diseases. As a rule, 1 teaspoon for small dogs and 1 tablespoon for big ones are enough.


Protect other animals

If there are 2 or more pets in your house, don't let them contact each other. Try to isolate them from one another until the fleas are gone.

Be careful with eyes

Don't spray apple cider vinegar solution or lemon water too close to dog's eyes!

Stay persistent

Don't give up on treatment. Fleas' life cycle is 3-4 weeks, so make sure you keep applying the chosen medicines for several weeks.

Use vacuum

Treat your pet's environment with vacuum cleaner to get rid of any fleas and eggs on the carpets and furniture. Wash pet's bedding in washing machine and disinfect all the hard surfaces that your pet can reach.



Well, fleas are not the worst thing that can happen to your dog. They get fleas from time to time, especially during the summer, and getting rid of them is pretty easy. No matter how obvious the diagnosis may seem, always consult a veterinarian prior to administering any kind of treatment or buying any meds!

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