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How to Get Rid of Fleas on Cats


Unfortunately the fleas are the constant companions of the pets and domestic animals including cats. The methods of getting read from these insects don't suit for the small animals however you still may try some variants if you have not the grown-up cat but the young kitten.

First of all you need to be aware of the danger that the fleas present for the little kittens. If the adult animals are able to struggle with these small insects using their own powers removing the fleas from the fur with the teeth the kittens especially the newly born one are deprived of this ability. That's why their body get damaged with the fleas seriously and the complications of the bites are more dangerous for the young kittens. If the colony of the fleas is the large one the kitten may develop anemia or the serious case of the allergic dermatitis that can lead to the death of the animal. That's why you need to examine the fur of the mother cat regularly checking if it carries any fleas. The mother cats often contaminate their kittens with fleas.


Don't expect a miracle

In fact there is no any 100 % effective method that will help your pet to forget about the fleas forever. But the complex approach can be rather effective. But take into consideration the fact that some of the methods can't be applied simultaneously.

Special shampoos for pets

One of the most effective method of fighting with fleas which have already laid their larvae in the fur of your animal is the usage of various shampoos. These shampoos have practically no negative side effects. One of their disadvantages is the relatively short period of shelf life. EQyss Micro-Tek Medicated Pet Shampoo, Nature's Specialties Derma Treat Pet Shampoo or Vet's Best Natural Anti - Flea Spray Shampoo will be a smart choice.

Anti-flea drops

Another god way to get rid of the fleas is to use the anti flea drops. These drops are instilled right on the skin and the fur of the animal in the area of spine and the back of the neck. When using these drops take into consideration that the content of each bottle can be used only for the animal of the certain weight. That's why if you want to treat the little kitten read the instruction carefully and use the smaller dose. The most effective drops are Advantage Once-A-Month Topical Flea Treatment for Cats and Anti Flea Spray For Cats (by Nutricity) used as drops.

Anti-flea sprays

If the amount of the fleas attacking the cat is too large use the special sprays. It is necessary to process the whole body of the animal with this spray. It is important not to let you cat lick itself while the spray gets completely dry on its fur. The sprays can't be used if your cat has the long fur. The effect of these sprays may last up to one year. Try Nature's Specialties Wham Anti Itch Spray or Vet's Best Natural Flea and Tick Spray.

Anti-flea collar

One of the most popular methods to scare the flies off is to make your pet wear the special collar. It is necessary to put the anti flea collar on your cat's neck after you have get rid of all the fleas on its body. These collars are in the first turn the preventive means against the fleas and they can't remove the insects from the cat's body if there are any. Besides that these collars may have the negative side effects. Choose shoo!TAG Flea and Tick Barrier.


  • Don't put the anti flea collar on the ill cats or the cats which are only getting better after the illness.
  • Don't let the cat lick itself after you have sprayed the anti flea liquid on its fur.
  • Don't neglect treating your cat in time. Get rid of the fleas as soon as you notice the first insect.



It is supposed that the young kittens suffer more from the fleas than the adult animals. The matter is that the bites of the fleas may cause the allergic reactions, anemia and the other serious diseases. It is necessary to examine your cat's fur regularly to make sure it doesn't have any fleas.

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