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How to Get Rid of Cramps


Menstrual cramps are what every woman experiences at some point in her life. But what do you do if these cramps are too painful and they even make you fear your next period?

Some women even have to call a doctor to get a shot, as these cramps can cause unbelievable pain and last for hours or even days. Too many women are familiar with this problem, but there are ways out. Taking pain killers is an option, but it's a common fact that these pills influence on liver and on nervous system. So if you have a chance to somehow avoid they taking - do so.

Read our article to learn more, we sincerely hope we can help.


Every month the uterine walls (mucous membrane) are "renewed". This is the tissue to with the embryo sticks after the fertilization. And when a woman gets her period, she gets menstrual cramps which are supposed to be pain-free. But sometimes they can really hurt, the reason is - the muscular action of uterus is going a little wrong (a little out of step, so to say). It can happen if a woman has a small (or underdeveloped) uterus, hormonal imbalance, has a lack of calcium or went through abortion or other surgery in that area. Sometimes it is purely physiological, and regular sex life or giving birth to a child changes the situation. It is not very comforting, but these are not the only things that can help.

Don't let supercooling

First of all, if it is winter, you need to protect this area and make sure it is nice and warm, this may prevent further difficulties.

Take a pain killer right away

When you start having menstrual cramps, you probably can predict how painful they can be this time. When you know that if you wait longer it may get incredibly bad, then you better take a pill right away. The pills that are to be dissolved in water work best for one reason: they are easily absorbed. When such pills dissolve in water, they produce tiny bubbles that are going to bring the medication into your blood fast like a wind. Taking usual pills is tricky, because if your cramps are very severe, they can get really bad before the pill starts to work, the severe pain in your belly can spread to your stomach, and you can vomit before the pill is absorbed. This is why if you are taking regular pills, powder them and mix with water. Make sure every little crumb of the pill gets into your stomach.

Hot applications

After you take a pill, you are going to need to put a hot water bottle on your belly (or next to it, if it is too heavy). The heat will help your uterus muscles relax and the pain will gradually go away.

When you lie down with a hot water bottle, bend your knees (embryo position). When the muscles of your uterus and belly are not stretched, cramps don't feel so bad.

Sleeping aid

If you chose to get a pain relief shot, make sure it contains some sleeping aid to help you sleep. This way you can fall asleep before the pain stops completely and when you wake up you are going to feel great and full of energy.

Take herbs

Herbs that can help: raspberry leaves, bush basil, or camomile.


No tight undies

Don't wear tight underwear or jeans when you are about to get your period: if you get it at work, it is going to hurt and you are not going to be able to change into something more comfortable.

Don't hold anything

If you need to go to the bathroom, don't hold it. Strong cramps may provoke diarrhea, it happens.



If you have severe pains, when you get better you need to go to a doctor. If the pains are so bad you can't stand it anymore, then call a doctor immediately. They will give you a shot and take you to the hospital (if you don't mind). It can be a sign of gynecological disease which must not be neglected.

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