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How to Get Rid of Cockroaches


Cockroaches are the most obnoxious neighbors. They look disgusting and carry various dangerous diseases, so getting rid of these annoying invaders is vital. The problem is these bastards are the creatures of great vitality and besides extremely adapting. Thus, after a month of using some definite insecticide, they get used to it and don't react on it anymore. Probably that's the reason why these insects are of the same age as dinosaurs! Luckily, there are a lot of methods that can help you get rid of them, so let's check them out.

There are two major weapons of waging the war against cockroaches: chemicals and natural poisons. There are a lot of positive and negative sides of chemical method. First of all, it is fast - your "guests" will disappear after just one session. Secondly, it guarantees a long lasting effect (usually it protects your house from them during a year). The problem is exterminators use pretty dangerous poisons that can make harm to humans and pets. Calling an exterminator is strongly not recommended if you have little kids in the house. Nonetheless, there are some alternatives to chemicals. You can easily get rid of them by yourself, all you need is some preparation and useful tips that we post as follows.


Start with cleaning

First of all, clean your kitchen cabinets and wrap the foodstuffs in order to eliminate the access. Make sure your place is perfectly clean and dry. As a rule, cockroaches avoid spotless kitchens and move to messy ones.


There are tons of more or less safe and harmless poisons for cockroaches. The most popular ones come as gels, traps and aerosols.

  • Gels are applied along the washboards and kill the insects in 3-7 days. For example, turn to Dupont Advion Cockroach Gel Bait, Combat Source Kill Max Roach Killing Gel, Maxforce FC Magnum Cockroach Pest Control Gel Bait.
  • Traps contain poison that sticks to cockroach's legs and kill it and its community.
  • Aerosols are sprayed on the floors and doors and work within several hours. The good ones are CB-80 Extra Contact Aerosol, you can also use Raid or Hot Shot products.

Alongside with traditional methods, there are some alternative ways of fighting these annoying insects.


Thus, you can leave the windows open in the winter when you go out of the house. Cockroaches hate low temperatures and will most likely go away to find a warmer place. In summer time you can use your air conditioner.

Boric acid

Boric acid is cockroaches' bitter enemy of all time. There is one good method that will help you get rid of them once and for all. Cook some mashed potatoes, add a couple of eggs and some boric acid, mix it all together and make tiny potato balls. Leave these balls around the house and wait for 2-3 days. Usually, that's enough to kill the vast majority of the community.


  • Don't use the same poisons all the time because cockroaches are very viable and get used to them pretty fast.
  • Don't leave your sink and bath tub wet. Cockroaches can live without food for very long time, but they can't survive without water. Moreover, even if the insect has already swallowed the poison and is half-dead, one drop of water is pretty much enough for it to get well again and continue ruining your life.
  • Don't let your pets and kids approach the traps! Make sure you placed them in inaccessible areas.
  • Don't use traps that claim to "signalize" cockroaches about their dead buddies. The point is these insects don't have a strong alarming system that they use to warn each other.



So, the invasion of cockroaches can be stopped in no time if you used the right method of getting rid of them. Just make sure you keep the place clean in order to prevent another invasions. Remember to make sure kids and pets avoid contact with chemicals or any other cockroaches solutions as they sure have a negative effect on health of whoever touch or lick it.

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