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How to Get Rid of Cellulite on Legs


Cellulite is the alternation of the fat layer located under the skin. In fact the thing that we call cellulite and what it actually is are the totally different things. The cellulite itself is the process of alternation of the fat layer itself. The thing that we call cellulite is the result of the abnormal skin condition. We see the cavities and the uneven surface of the skin but that is only the complications of the general state of the body.

Anyway the first or the second stage of cellulite developed on the buttocks, belly and thighs is absolutely normal if you are a woman of the middle age. The alternation of the skin may become visible after the first period comes. The alternations may grow more visible with the age. Of course the fourth and the third stages of cellulite are the dangerous skin condition and may even lead to the risk of the skin necrosis and blood clottage. In those situations cellulite needs the professional treatment and sometimes the operation. The main peculiarity of the dangerous 3rd and 4th stages of cellulite is not only the severe skin alternations but the abnormal location of the disease. At the last stages the cellulite may be developed on the arms, on the legs and even on the neck surface. The main reasons for the abnormal cellulite development are the excessive body weight and the hormonal imbalance.


Get rid of the negative factors

First of all to get rid of the cellulite on legs you need to remove the factors that have lead to this disorder. Of course if you are genetically subjected to developing the cellulite there is nothing you can do about it except trying to support your body in tonus.

Develop the healthy eating plan

If you are aware of the fact that your eating plan is somewhat unhealthy decrease the amount of the animal fat and protein which you consume as well as the amount of carbohydrates. Try eat more food rich in natural vitamins like fresh vegetables and fruit.

Get enough physical strain

In the case the reason for your cellulite is the lack of physical activity pick up doing simple exercises or walking. In the case the leg cellulite is combined with the excessive weight it will be dangerous to jog. Consider your lifestyle. Get rid of the harmful habits like smoking and drinking alcohol. That may increase the risk of blood clottage especially if your body has developed the cellulite on the limbs. Start wearing the comfortable clothes made of natural fabrics that doesn't limit your body movements.

Check your health state

The matter is that the lower part of the legs is the unusual place for developing cellulite. That means that you have serious problems with your health. The situation goes worse if all this is combined with the excessive weight, hormonal imbalance, diabetes or bad genes. Anyway even in case you have normal weight and none of the diseases mentioned above but the visible leg cellulite you should apply for the medical help.

Attend the massage therapy

The massage will help you to smash the clumps of the fat and improve the blood circulation. Consult the doctor about wearing the special supporting tights. Take into consideration that in some cases that may be harmful. Think about easy workout. Attend swimming pool.

Let your legs have rest

Lay with your legs risen up for 15 minutes every day. That will help you to relieve the pressure. If you have to stand for the long time at work try to do this exercise every hour.


  • Don't gain any excessive weight.
  • Don't neglect your body condition.
  • Don't run.
  • Don't wear tight elastic tights if it isn't prescribed by the doctor.



The peculiarity of the hormone system of a woman makes her more subjected to developing the cellulite. In fact cellulite is the secondary sexual character. The matter is that the direction of the thinnest muscle threads net is different in the feminine and the masculine bodies.

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