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How to Get Rid of Canker Sores


Canker sores are caused by the inflammation of the mucus membrane in the mouth cavity. That is a rather wide-spread disease. Many children experience that unpleasant state as they often try to get acquainted with the new toys and other object by tasting them. The common symptoms of canker sores or stomatitis of various types are pain, itchiness, hyper-salivation, high temperature, red spots and sores in the oral cavity. The large number of different factors may be the cause of stomatitis. Canker sores may appear due to oral cavity traumas or burnings, be the symptom of the other diseases. Stomatitis may be either contagious or non-communicable. The specific canker sores may also be the symptoms of such dangerous contagious diseases as tuberculosis or syphilis. In the rare cases canker sores may be the side effect of the specific medicines. The separate theme is the canker sores that have appeared due to the dental problems. In that case the reason for their development is the condition of the teeth. The irregular or non-sufficient hygienic procedures also may cause the irritation of the mouth cavity.




As soon as you notice the first symptoms of canker sores you should consult a doctor.


Exclude spicy, salty and sour products

If you have canker sores avoid eating the sour, salty or spicy food. The food should be attenuated and milled in order to avoid traumatizing the sore membrane of the oral cavity. Eat the slightly warm soft food such as cream soups, porridge or mashed vegetables.



Consume the vegetables rich in vitamins and the necessary nutrients to speed up the process of cicatrization. Consider eating sea fish, salmon or trout for instance, as it contains a lot of folic acid that boost up the regeneration processes in the human organism.


Fresh cabbage juice

Make the fresh cabbage juice and dilute it with the boiled water. Wash the sore mouth cavity with that juice. It may taste not very good but that is the strong natural agent that heals the sores.


Aloe Vera

If you grow aloe vera its leaves may help you. Take one average leaf of aloe and rinse it with hot, almost boiling water to remove the possible infection. Chew the leaf slowly and spit the juice. If you don't like the taste you may use the juice of aloe vera to rinse your mouth cavity. Spit it after usage.


Use the natural bactericidal agents

They are contained by a lot of plants. Take a clove of garlic, mash it and mix it with the plain white yoghurt. Take a small amount of that mix in our mouth and spread it against all the canker sores with your tongue. It may feel itchy or even sting your mouth but the effect is worth bearing some pain for a bit.


Hydrogen Peroxide

Of the moth cavity is sore and that brings you much of discomfort try rinsing it with the weak solution of hydrogen peroxide. Take one teaspoonful of hydrogen peroxide and add it to the glass of boiled water. Rinse your mouth with that mixture twice a day.


Brush teeth after each meal

Clean your teeth carefully after each meal. If you don't have the opportunity to clean your teeth during the day rinse you mouth with boiled water of special solution.


Boiled water only

Use only boiled water for drinking and rinsing your mouth. If you don't have any buy the bottled one.


No firm food

Don't eat any hard food in order not to traumatize the sore membrane of the mouth cavity. Such products as potato crisps or bread crumbs may scratch the soft and thin membrane and cause recurrent inflammation process.

Don't give up daily hygiene

Don't forget to clean your teeth and fulfill all the daily routine procedures.

Don't postpone going to dentist

Don't avoid visiting a dentist if you have some problems with your teeth. Rotting teeth and excessive amounts of dental plaque may encourage bacteria germination.

Don't share utensils

Don't allow the other people to use your plate, fork, glass or tooth brush. That will spread the infection.



Follow these instructions and get well soon! Make sure you are taking care of any diseases that you have as if you leave them as they are, their condition would only get worse. Canker sores are not pleasant at all, but as you've understood there are ways to deal with them.

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