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How to Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes


Appearing of the bags under the eyes is the first sign of the skin aging as a rule. The skin elasticity decreases which inevitably leads to the skin over hang that looks like bags or folds. It is even possible that the fat ruptures may appear because of the interorbital fat displacement. To remove the excessive fat under the eyes you have to undergo the surgical operation. If you have noticed only the slightly swollen areas under the eyes they may be reduced with the help of physical exercises for the face. Carefully read advices and tips below and choose those, that work for your skin type.




  • Shut your eyelids as firmly as possible and then open your eyes widely. Repeat these actions for 5 or 6 times making the 30 second interval.
  • Close your eyes tightly an try not to screw yourself up. Count to 5 them open your eyes widely and look upwards. Count o 5 and relax your face. Put your index fingers on your eyebrows during doing this exercise in order to prevent the appearing of the mimic wrinkles on your forehead.
  • Keep your head straight. Look to the left. Count to 5. Look to the right. Count to 5. Close your eyes and relax for several seconds.
  • Wink your eyes as quickly as possible for 10 seconds. Close your eyes after that and relax for a while.
  • Make the circular movements with your eyes both clockwise and anticlockwise.

Do these exercises two or three times a day. After you have completed the exercises apply the cotton pads soaked with chamomile tea onto your eyelids and relax for half and hour. You will notice that it gets easier and easier to do these exercises as the eye muscles become stronger.


Health condition

If the reason for the appearing of the bags under the eyes are the inner organs diseases it is simple to get rid of them. The good steady effect is provided by doing the exercises mentioned above, enough rest, proper sleep and healthy diet.


Home remedies

There are some traditional remedies aimed to remove the bags under the eyes as well.

  • The plain raw potato will help you. Mash the raw potato. Take 2 tablespoonfuls of the potato paste and put it into the small bags made of gauze cloth. Apply these bags onto your eye lids and keep them for 10 or 15 minutes. After that apply your regular eye cream slightly touching your lower eyelids. Wait for the cream to penetrate the skin layers. Remove the excesses of the eye cream with a cotton pad soaked with the strong black tea. Carry this procedure out every evening and you will see your eyes look better in a month.
  • Dip the filter bags with the black tea into the boiling water and freeze them. Each time you feel your eyes get tired and swell attach these cold tea bags to your closed eyes.

If you lead the healthy way of life and take a good care of your health you are able to prevent the appearing of the bags under your eyes and to remove the first signs of aging. However it is important to remember the following things.


Correct your body weight if you need it. The normal body mass is the key to the health. The excesses of fat may get accumulated on the face leading to the bags under the eyes appearing.


Drink enough water and walk in the fresh air. That will boost up the metabolic processes in your body and prevent the pathologic facial alternations.


Avoid active facial mimic

Don't wrinkle your nose or knot your eyebrows.

Don't narrow your eyes

This can make the condition of your under eye bags even worse.

Don't forget sunglasses

Wear the sunglasses or the corrective glasses to protect under eye area from ultraviolet.

Don't leave the condition as it is now

Don't forget about regular cream applications and masks. Obviously, if you tend to have this kind of problem, you should start taking needed measures and actions as soon as you can.



The proper tight sleep is the first remedy for the tired eyes. Stick to the rule always to provide yourself no less than 7 hours of the healthy sleep.

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