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How to Get Rid of Back Acne


So, winter holidays are coming and I bet you have already chosen a gorgeous backless dress to make all the males on the party drooling. Just imagine that: your elegant outfit, graceful neck, pretty earrings, your high piled hair... and those ugly pimples on your back! So, you only have a couple of months to get rid of them. Let me rally round you in discovering the most efficient solutions for your problem.

Needless to say, it's impossible to cure the symptoms without defining the reason. Some people suffer from seasonal acne; our body gets sweaty during hot summer days and it can cause acne. Plus, tanning affects sebum balance. During the winter, we wear 10 inches of clothing which creates the greenhouse effect and causes excessive perspiration as well.

Alongside with obvious reasons like bad hygiene and perspiration, you should identify the inner reasons:

Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalance can cause back acne at one's teenage years, during pregnancy, period or PMS and also right after the abortion.


Stress is one of the most wide spread causes of acne.

Endocrine disorders

Endocrine disorders are another cause of the problem.

Immune system problems

Immune system problems can cause a lot of various diseases, so if you get cold every once in a while, this would probably be the reason of back acne.

Problems with digestive system

Digestion issues such as constipation, bad nutrition habits and dysbacteriosis can also be the reason of acne.

If you was diagnosed with one of the above-mentioned disorders, the treatment would take some time. Nonetheless, you still can use some helpful advice to get rid of back acne. Here they are.


Eat healthy

It's a common known unquestionable truth. Bad quality of products, unbalanced nutrition and lots of fast food can easily turn your back into a minefield. Make sure you eat enough products rich in Vitamins A and E, folic acid, and zinc.

Mind your hygiene

Take a shower 2 times a day even if you are dog tired and don't feel like doing that. By the way, attending sauna is very good for people with skin problems because it helps steam the pores out.

Go to tanning salons

It's not a secret that sun tan helps patients with bad skin. UV rays dries the pimples and speeds up the process of healing them

Type of cosmetic

Using cosmetic, make sure all the items of a complex are of the same brand.

Use coal-tar soap

The smell is by no means Chanel, but the result is very good.

Natural disinfectants

Buy the best natural disinfectants: chlorhexidine, salicylic acid, 3% hydrogen peroxide or manganese solution and wipe your back with them daily. Be careful with manganese solution! Undissolved crystal can scorch your skin; plus, it colors the skin red, so it's not the best option if you are planning to wear backless dress this evening.


No scrubs or abrasives

Don't scrub your skin if the pimples are inflamed!

No squeezing

Don't squeeze them, they would heal longer and you are risking to bring infection as well.

No dirty hands

Never touch your back with dirty hands.

No rubbing with firm objects

Don't use too firm sponge.



As a rule, acne is the way that your body chooses to signalize about some disorders. Never ignore these signals! Probably, it can liberate you from healing much more serious diseases in the future.

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