How to Get Rich


There are a lot of ways to get rich the only thing you have to do is to choose the one that would suit your personality and lifestyle. Here is the list of tips that will not only help you to avoid the routine problems connected with the family budget but also turn into the successful and wealthy person.

However if you have decided that the financial well-being will immediately release you from any problems you probably are mistaken. Anyway it is better to develop the whole strategy after you accept that becoming wealthy won't automatically make you happier. Keep it in mind and start moving forward.



First of all believe in your luck

Our thoughts may influence the objective reality. That's why it is better to hope that tomorrow you will become rich and successful instead of dwelling on the negative thoughts concerning your financial problems. For instance it is possible to hear the following phrase "I will go upon the rocks but I want to buy something". I order not to scare the luck off you need to say "When I get rich I will buy this and that".


Do your best to catch your chance

A good way to try your luck is to buy a lottery ticket. You may be lucky to turn into a millionaire in one second.


Buy a money plant

If you know the secrets of feng shuy you may get rich as well. To attract the money place the plant in the South-West corner of your flat.


Invest your money wisely

There are various ways to invest your capital. Some people prefer invest their financial wealth in real estate, the other ones suppose that antique works of art are the best opportunity to invest their capital. You may choose jewelry, precious stones or your own business as well.


Bank account

Set up an account in a reliable bank and enlarge it every days. The sums of money you tender may be small. A good idea is to use the bank service which will automatically signed off to your acccount. Though you may thinks that each sum of money signed off is insignaficant all in all you may collect a really massive sum.


Try to spend your money wisely

There is no need to rush to the shops and let all your wages leak through your fingers. If you learn to spare some money each month for example you will be able to save up a certain sum quite soon. You may either keep it as the buffer money or invest it and make it work enlarging your capital.


Try to invent something

Think what does this world still lack. It is likely that you have some bright idea that is worth to become the new invention. In fact the most handy and smart things have been invented spontaneously.


Invest in stock

This is a risky business especially if you don't understand anything in stocks and shares. However if you don't lack information and intuition you are able to earn a good deal of money.


Find a well-paid job

The good job which includes not only the high salary but also the perspective of the career growth is one of the factors of prosperity. Don't forget about the fact that your job should be a rewarding one and satisfy you totally. Otherwise the money it will bring you won't make you happy.


Start your own business

That may seem to be difficult but is quite possible.


Don't think of yourself like of a poor loser

Even if your financial state is currently unstable believe that you are wise enough to cope with all the difficulties.

Money should work

Don't let you money lay on the shelf.



To find more tips look through the autobiographies of the most famous millionaires. Their ideas may seem to be odd at the first sight but they illustrate the "psychology of a millionaire" vividly. Pick up some good ones. You reap what you sow. Work hard and you'll get rich, don't be lazy and don't give up.

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