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How to Get Pregnant


Have you made the decision to become a happy mother but you can't get pregnant? Maybe you just don't know about some tips that will help you to get pregnant soon? Let us make it clear what methods will help you to get pregnant and improve your health state during the first term or the pregnancy. Here are the 4 effective tips that will help you to get pregnant soon. Develop the positive attitude and don't give up your attempts.


Get examined by the doctor and take a course of vitamins

The medical tests and full organism examination. Even if you don't complain about some pains or other unpleasant symptoms it is recommended to undergo the medical examination before you conceive a baby. If the tests prove that you have some problems with health the pregnant women should consult the doctor quite often. If you are responsible for the health of the future baby take your partner to the doctor as well. Besides that take the course of the vitamins. That may be either vitamin pills of injections. The most effective vitamin courses for the pregnant women and those who only prepare themselves for the pregnancy usually have the mark "prenatal". They contain folic acid. That helps to reduce the risk of the pathological development of the fetus.

Pay attention to your period cycle

The period of ovulation is the best time for conception. The women whose cycle lasts approximately 28 days have the ovulation on the 14th day as a rule. In the case you experience some difficulties in defining when the ovulation happens it is recommended to buy the special tests in the pharmacy. These tests work with urine. Usually these tests work in the same way as the pregnancy test do. In the case you have the ovulation two strips will appear. If you don't wish to use these tests you may find out your ovulation cycle length with the help of measuring the basal temperature. It stays the same during the whole cycle and increases for 0.3 or 0.4 degrees during the ovulation. But that method requires some time. To get the precise results you need to compare the temperature figures of the three cycles.

Choose the best pose for conception

Take into consideration the fact that there are no wrong poses for conception. The cervix stays in the natural position if you choose any of the most popular sex poses. The only thing you should take into consideration is the gravity. Some poses may cause just the slowing down of the semen flow. Lie still for ten or fifteen minutes after sex. In that case the semen will reach your womb easier.

Consider your lifestyle and eating habits

The healthy lifestyle is not the fitness obsession. The excessive physical strain may cause even the absence of ovulation. Walk or jog for half an hour each day, keep to the healthy eating habits, get enough sleep. You will soon feel much better. Take into consideration that your body needs some time to cleanse itself. That's why start leading the healthy life three months before the planned conception.


Don't neglect the professional help

The most part of the women manages to get pregnant during the first year of the trying. Consult the doctor if you can't get pregnant for longer than one and a half years. The women after 35 who can't get pregnant during half a year should also consult the doctor.

Don't exhaust yourself with sex during the ovulation period

Your partner should also follow only his wish. The matter is that the quality of the semen declines because of the frequent ejaculation. To double your chances to get pregnant it is enough to have sex once a day.

Avoid stresses

Any natural ways to calm down (massage, sauna or even a glass of red vine) will boost up the ovulation if you have distress.



Remember the thing that low calorie diets have the negative effect on the ovulation mechanism. That's why if you want to lose weight and to become a happy mother you need to decide what you want to do first.

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