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How to Get Past School Blockers


The educational institutions as well as prosperous companies are likely to limit the amount of the websites accessible to the students or employees with the help of the Internet blockers. Any school blocker works like a filter that prevents the access to the doubtful, entertaining or social networks websites. But if your school system administrator uses the IP blocking the useful sites may be banned as well. Website blockers have been used for quite a long time already. Many Internet users face this problem in their offices where the employers prefer to block ICQ, social networks or gambling websites. At school the principle prefer to block a great deal of the Internet portals as well in order to exclude the factors that would distract the students from their studies. However there are some ways to get past these web filters and visit all the websites you wish.


Open proxy servers

If we speak about the access to some blocked Internet resource the first thing that pops up in our memory is proxy servers. The idea of this method is implied in the fact that the user addresses his access not directly the necessary Internet resource but uses the mediator- the proxy server. In that way even if the Internet resource is blocked the proxy server may provide you the access to it. The open proxy server provides everyone the possibility to connect his computer with it. To have your computer connected with the proxy server the only thing you need to do is to submit the IP of the proxy server and the port number to the settings of your browser. All the proxy servers are divided into two large groups: HTTP (they provide the access to the web resources) and Socks (they are able to work with all the kinds of applications).


Another way to go past the school blockers is to use anonymizers. Anonymizer is a website that is able to open another web pages inside of it. In that way if you can't open some web page you may succeed if you use anonymizer. To use that method you won't need to change any settings of your browser. It is enought to enter the anonymizer website and type in the address of the required Internet resource there. Unlike the proxy servers anonymizer sites owners get the profit from publishing the advertisement banners there. They may be quite annoying. Using the anonymizers you won't be able to run any applications as they are designed to work only with the Internet pages. That means you won't be able to run ICQ for instance or its web version as well.

Opera Turbo

Opera Turbo may also be quite helpful. In the case you have chosen some options and adjusted the settings your traffic will be transmitted via the special proxy servers owned by Opera. This service has been originally developed to minimize the download time but its side effect is the possibility to get past the blockers.

Tunnel software

Tunnel software is one of the most effective ways to gt past the school blockers. The tunnel software uses the following principle. You have the tunnel software installed onto your computer. This program will create a virtual proxy server. As soon as the tunnel program gets the request to open some web page it transmits it like the usual traffic to one of his servers. The server loads and transmits the page to the user. In that way this program lays "a tunnel" under "the wall" of a blocker.


  • Don't try to get past the school blockers opening the endless amount of prohibited web pages. That won't bring any positive result.
  • Don't be sloppy. Use the web sites you have managed to open carefully in order not to leave the traces.



If it will become known that you has at least attempted to get past the school blockers you may experience some problems. The school has its own law and the students are supposed to be punished for breaking this law. The school is similar to the small model of the state. If you are doing something illegal you are to take the whole responsibility for having committed that crime or misdemeanor.

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