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How to Get Over a Broken Heart


Broken heart isn't just a state of mind or state of soul. It is also a state of your body. Any stress affects your health and broken heart is a great stress, this is why it is so important to heal. If your break up was incredibly painful, you need more time to recover. But there are ways to heal your heart faster, you need to blow off some steam, let all the negative emotions out, maybe even get angry and burn the rest of the feelings in your soul; bury them under ashes and let them rot until they disappear completely. In this article we offer you advice you may find helpful.



But before you start the healing process, you need to cry it all out, to talk to someone, maybe to get really drunk, but only once - and only because you need some kind of closure.

Crush an Burn

You are going to get a huge satisfaction if you get rid of all the stuff he / she gave you. Don't just throw it away, but tear it apart or burn it, or watch it break, anything. If you have anger, insult or any kind of resentment inside of you, taking it out on the stuff of your ex is the right thing to do. You can play paint ball and imagine that all the people you shoot are your ex. Actually, any shooting place will do (remember Robin from "How I met your mother"?)

Start working out

Go in for sport. Any doctor will tell you: you can't feel depressed or sad when you work out. Besides, physical exercise increases input of so-called "happiness hormone". More than that, it makes you feel good, not only it makes you feel good, it makes you feel better about yourself, it is a known fact that sport is good for your self-esteem. It is not going to be an imaginary beauty, you actually going to look better - you will become healthier.

Funny everything

Watch more comedies, find a funny TV series (even if you have watched it already), browse through websites like 9Gag that have thousands of hilarious photos. Do all the things that you know can bring you joy

Communicate with people all the time

Call at least one person every day: your mom, dad, a sibling, a friend, anyone. Go out to see them or go to a theater.


Don't overeat

People tend to eat a lot when they are stressed, avoid that. I know it is hard and you think if you stop doing that you are going to feel worse, but it is not true. Just don't eat few hours before you go to bed: if you eat a lot before you go to sleep, you can see nightmares and it will affect your mood and health. You can also think that what if you stumble upon your ex after you gained some weight, that's the worst scenario ever in the world.

Don't spend time indoors

Don't spend too much time inside, it will only make you more gloomy. Go outside every day even if you don't have too, just walk around, go in a park, spend as much time out as possible, read a book on a bench in a park, or take a laptop with you.

Don't drink your troubles away

Don't drink too much: if you get drunk one time - you may get it out of your system, but if you keep doing it - you are only going to harm yourself, and every time you get drunk feelings are going to come rushing back.

No Rebound Relationships

Don't start seeing other people right away: it is not going to make you feel better and it will only be a rebound thing.



No matter how good you think your ex was, no matter how much you loved him / her, it wasn't your soul mate. If it was your soul mate, you wouldn’t break up. Cheer up, and look around. You are no longer bound by trivial conventions of your ruined relationship. You are free. Don't beat yourself up; don't think you will never find anyone who is better. You will. The world is huge.

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