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How to Get New Facebook


Would you like to get new Facebook account? In this article we will tell you how to do it so you know everything you may want to know. Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites, its interface often changes as its creators are willing to enhance your user experience. Unfortunately those changes may be associated with difficulties and we are here to help you figure out how everything works.


Feeing your email

Getting new Facebook account is not hard, the only problem is: if you already have an account, your email is taken and can’t use it to create a new Facebook account. If you want to use the same email address for your new account, then you need to log into your existing account, go to settings (arrow button in the top right-hand corner), in settings you will see General section opened (see side menu), in that section click Edit email and change it. You have to change it to a valid address as Facebook will send you an email so you can verify it. After that go to settings once again and change that address to primary, remove the old email. If you don’t have another email address and don’t want to create it just to create a new Facebook account, then you have to remove your old Facebook account so you can create a new one.

Account deactivation (if necessary)

Click on arrow button in the top right-hand corner – Settings – Security – Deactivate your account. Pick a reason why you are removing your account, tick the “Opt out of receiving future emails from Facebook” box and press Confirm. Enter your password, enter captcha code. After that you will have to wait till your account is removed: 2-4 weeks. Until then your email will be still “taken” and you will be able to restore your old account by simply logging in. This is why it is easier and faster to create another email address.

If you don’t remember you password

If you need new account because you have forgotten your password then start registration, enter your name and password and enter your old email. Once you press sign up, it will say “Sorry, it looks you’re youremail@gmail.com belongs to an existing account. Would you like to claim this email address?” Press on “claim this email address” and if you recognize it, confirm that and choose to recover your account.

Create new account

To create a new account, go to Facebook, enter your name and last name (they don’t have to be real or unique), enter your email (email that you want to be associated with your account), repeat your email (to make sure there is no mistake), make up a password, enter your birthday (it doesn’t have to be a real date, no one forces you to give it away), pick gender and press sign up. Your new account is now created!


  • Don't enter a fake email address, you will be asked to confirm it and if you can't, you will have to start over and enter a valid address.
  • Keep in mind that it is always better not to create many Facebook accounts.



You should think twice before you register a new account: do you really need it? Why do you need it? Is it worth all the trouble? If you are absolutely sure, use our tips to get a new Facebook account. Don't use and create fake accounts and respect other Facebook users.

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