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How to Get More Views on Youtube


YouTube is a number one video sharing portal in the world. It is so huge that it doesn't even have decent competitors in this sphere. It is one our of three most frequently used websites in the world and it contains billions of videos and this amount is constantly growing day by day.

Not everyone realizes that you can not only use YouTube for fun but to make some money out of it as well. There is a special account that is called AdSense which perfectly allows you to raise your personal resources with its

help. Using AdSense account, you can get money from YouTube for each new person (new person is tracked by an IP address, it has to be a unique one) who is watching your uploaded video. Of course you need to satisfy the basic requirements of YouTube policies to get your YouTube account linked to AdSense account. But as soon as you do that, the only thing that stands between you and living in prosperity is figuring out how to get more views on YouTube.



First of all, keep tracking the content what you are posting: if you own a channel that is about fluffy little kittens, your subscribers won't likely watch car tires or ammo reviews. So try to stay in a specific topic you have chosen from the beginning when uploading new videos.

Title and tags

Give proper names, tags and annotations to your videos. In all these three graphs try to use the most popular on YouTube keywords. Also, there is a nice trick to use while writing annotations - ask a good question regarding the video, this is how you create social activity on a video's page.

Stay Active

Be active on YouTube and other social media websites, don't be afraid to share the links to your channel and videos where it is allowed, join conversations and groups - this is how you get subscribers and followers on YouTube.

Be regular uploader

Create and upload videos to your channel on a regular basis - this is how you don't lose your subscribers and maintain the interest towards your channel.


Don't break copyrights

Never post anything offensive, explicit or copyrighted - your YouTube account might be blocked for breaking YouTube terms and conditions.

Don't use silly titles

Don't use words or phrases "WOW" "Watch this" in title, tags or video description, everyone know that playing such videos are pretty much useless as this trick is often used by scammers.

Stay calm and positive

Don't be rude of offensive to other YouTube users and don't be too aggressive while sharing links to your channel.

Don't forget that you have a channel

Don't abandon you YouTube channel once you create it.

Don't overestimate yourself

Don't expect to gain millions of subscribers in one day, this process requires plenty of efforts and time.

Don't tell public anything too personal

Never share any of your personal information anywhere in your videos or public YouTube account profile.



As you can see, getting views on YouTube is perfectly possible but at the same time it is highly time-consuming. So don't give up on a half way and stick to your goal of making your YouTube account popular.

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