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How to Get Married


A lot of women are eager to get married, but they can't find a suitable man or a man who would propose to them. Internet is filled with articles on how to get married that provide some very questionable advice. All the tips you find aren't universal - all men are different, and they have different tastes and preferences, which means they like different things. But things men don't like are pretty common. This is why sometimes it's more important not to do what they don't like then to do what they like.

Tips and tricks

Have faith in him. Even if he thinks he can go to the moon or find an alternative fuel, try to have faith in him even if others don't. He will appreciate it, for him it will be one more step on the way to realizing you are the closest person he has / will ever have. Besides: he will have faith in you, too.

Don't criticize his mother

Never ever criticize his mother. You have a right to not want to live with her (although it depends on how much you want to get married) and stuff like this, but you should never criticize her.

Be nice

Don't be rude to his friends, even if one of them hits on you. Of course you should turn him down and tell him he should be ashamed of himself, but say it nicely.

Keep a few secrets

If you ever cheated on any of your ex-boyfriends, don't tell your current boyfriend about that. He will be jealous and worried, besides: no one wants to marry and have children with a woman who is capable of cheating. Of course you are not going to cheat on him - you love him. Unfortunately there is a chance he won't believe you. Don't tell him one of your friends is a cheater, you know what they say: tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.

Don't criticize his body

Just think about it: how would you feel if he criticized you? It is not just about his body: if he loves his ugly sweater / hairdo, you shouldn't criticize it either, don't offend his taste - he chose you, remember?

Don't blackmail him

Don't blackmail him / give ultimatums. Ultimatums tend to work the other way around. If you date your boyfriend for 5 years and tell him if he doesn't marry you, you will have to leave him, there is a huge chance he'll say "so be it" (on the other hand, you don't have to wait for him forever) Don't tell him you are going to leave him even if you are just fighting - he may think you are only with him till you meet someone better - don't ever let him think that, even if you could do better.

Don't tell him you earn more

Don't tell him you earn more than him / you are better off without him / you don't need him. Today women are very independent and he knows it.

Don't be bitter

Don't say bad things about your ex-boyfriends. He may think if you don't work out you will say stuff about him, too. Besides: it will make you look like such a bad gossiper.

Don't criticize things he loves

Don't criticize things he loves, like rugby, his favorite TV shows and bands - it is like criticizing him for being him.

Don't tell him about your previous sexual partners

It may be both: awkward and unpleasant. It can be intimidating or even repelling. If he asks how many guys there were, tell him it's 3. It is a believable number, and it is not so big - it will make him feel special.



It seems there are too many rules, but it works both ways, remember? You would like him to treat you this way too, wouldn't you? Mutual trust and respect - this is what it's all about. We sincerely hope you find your soul mate and following these rules won't be hard for you, because he is going to be amazing.

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