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How to Get Marijuana Out of your System


If you have ever tried marijuana you may probably be aware of the fact that it is extremely difficult to get it out of your system fast. First of all you need to find out how long will your doze of drug stay in your body.

Basically the time the drug substances take to get out of one's body depends upon personal physiological characteristics. These characteristics include weight, age, health state and metabolism speed of an individual. Besides that it depends upon the type and amount of drug how much time will it take you to get totally sober. You may feel yourself fully sober but blood or urine tests will still show the presence of drug in your body. Another factor which also influences the percentage of drugs and the time of their presence in your system is the fact how often do you consume them. In case you smoke weed regularly your body will require more time to get rid of its traces totally. If you smoke weed regularly for longer than 6 months you need to take into account that you will have to get rid not only of the drug itself but also of the products of its fragmentation as well.


Take enough time

The best way to get rid of marijuana trace in your body is to wait. Waiting for enough time is the only reliable way to get THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the active substance of marijuana affecting brain receptors) out of your organism. Marijuana drug may require from 3 to 120 days to get out of one's body. The length of this period depends upon the set of factors enumerated in the introduction. The ones who smoke weed once or twice per month should wait only for a week if they have smoked one small joint. In case you smoke more than 5 joints per week or continue smoking weed for more than half a year get ready for waiting no less than for 21 days. In case you smoke a lot you will have to wait for about 120 days to be totally sure that your body is free from THC.

Destroy THC molecules

  • Remember that THC is the kind of substance that is accumulated in the fat tissues. THC perfectly dissolves in fat. That is why weed butter or weed muffins get you high immediately. THC gets out of the body with urine, sweat and saliva. All these physiological fluids contain the broken molecules of fat. That is why there is sense in active physical exercises. You need to sweat and drink more water. The significant physical strain encourages the metabolism and activated the process of lipolysis (breaking the fat molecules). Another way to sweat is to visit sauna.
  • Since carbohydrates take active part in lipolysis you need to pay attention to the products rich in them. Eat more foods containing carbohydrates. That are grains, dried fruit, sweet products and pastry. Remember the fastest way to get sober. If you are high on weed you need to have intravenous infusion of glucose solution. It is also sensible to receive glucose solution intravenous infusions to purify your body.


  • Don't take any drugs or non-prescribed medicines while you are waiting for THC to get out of your body.
  • Don't drink any alcohol.
  • Don't neglect physical activity.



Drugs may be found in three main parts of your body: hair, urine and blood. You may also try to take some specific detox medicines. They neutralize THC and help to get the desired test results. However take into consideration that some of these medicines provide only the temporal effect.

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