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How to Get Facebook Credits


Common day of an average person can't go without checking out the updates or updating his or her Facebook profile. Today Facebook is one of the 3 most frequently visited websites of the world, millions of people visit it on a daily basis. Facebook sure connects people, help us to keep track of what is going on in lives of our friends and family members who live on long distances from us.

Today Facebook not only allow us to share pictures and provide personal information about us, but has hundreds of applications and games available for any other user. For example, you can connect Facebook account to your Foursquare and let your friends know your current location tagged on a map. Or you can connect an application that helps you organizing birthdays of your friends and so on. Besides applications, you can play hundreds of Facebook games.

Facebook games are really popular today as you are able to play them with those people who you friend on Facebook so there is a some sort of a spirit of competition while playing these games. For example, FarmVille went so viral when it was first released that millions of people were playing it.

While playing games on Facebook or using some applications, you can sort of unlock new awesome functions and options or items by purchasing them with Facebook credits. In the following article we will figure out what Facebook credits are and how to get them.


Facebook credits can be referred to as an inner currency used by Facebook games and apps. There are several various ways of getting them.

Gift card

One of the most common ways is by purchasing them through a gift card. Gift cards can be bought in computer sections of department stores or in computer stores.


You can also buy them through PayPal account (secured method) or with a credit card. This can be made online from the pages belonging to applications and games of Facebook or directly from Facebook.

Mobile phone

When you purchase Facebook credits from the interface of Facebook, you'll also be asked if you want to purchase credits with a mobile phone (3rd option available). Insert your phone numbers, to which you'll receive a confirmation code which you need to insert in Facebook dialog window to make sure this phone number belongs to you and you are not stealing anything.

Games or extra apps

Some apps also allow you to get Facebook credits but for installing some extra games or for completing some needed actions. For example, shopkick http://www.shopkick.com/ , AppDog http://www.appdog.com/ , ifeelgoods http://www.ifeelgoods.com/. Again, such credits are not absolutely free, they don't require you to purchase credits directly but you need to do what they tell you.


Don't trust anyone who offers free Facebook credits

Among all the websites of the world, Facebook is the second popular one. Just imagine the education and skills of those professionals who work for Facebook. Do you really think that those people who managed to get a job in Facebook can let you some ways of cheating and getting Facebook credits for free? You sure saw dozens of websites that promise to give you gazillion of Facebook credits for free and hundreds of comments saying somewhat like "wow, I can't believe this website helped me" and so on. These websites are scam and they will not help you at all. You will be lucky if after visiting them, your computer won't be damaged by any viruses. The only way of getting free Facebook credits is getting a degree in IT and programming, learning the codes that were used for creating a game and finding bugs in it.



There's no such thing as a free lunch. If you want to have something you need to earn it either by efforts of by paying for it. So You can either get Facebook by buying them or by finding weak sides of codes of Facebook game creators and use them to get free credits.

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