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How to Get Clear Skin


Clear skin is a dream of any woman of any age. Youth and health are the things that are always going to be longed for. Your skin should look good regardless of age. There is a plenty of ways to get healthy looking skin, and you don't have to visit a bunch of doctors for that. There are simple rules you need to follow to look nice and some tricks you need to know, remember and use in your everyday life. The main rule is - never give up. Persistence is crucial when it comes to personal care, health and beauty. Here we will cover such important issues as acne and blackheads problems, dark circles under eyes, puffy eyes. We will also tell you how to get elastic and shiny skin. Keep reading to learn more.



How to get rid of acne

Acne is the problem that many people are familiar with. The diet is absolutely necessary, but it doesn't have to be too severe, you just need to be careful with things that may make your skin produce more grease, these are fried, roasted, any fat products and sweet food. It doesn't mean you should stop eating them at all, just make sure you eat something them just one time a day (if you are eating them one time a day or less and still have acne, then make it 1 - 2 times a week), preferably before lunch. Same about bread, spaghetti and pies.

You also need to pay attention to foods that may cause pimples: oranges and tangerines are strong allergens, it may be not a rash, but zits. So make sure you don't eat anything that may cause mild allergic reaction (i.e. pimples).

It may be easy for you to remember that products of a red color are good when fighting acne: watermelon, red apples, pink grapefruit, tomatoes. Try making a tomato mask, it is pleasant and healthy.


How to get rid of lines

Polyphenols are what you need. These are natural antioxidants, they prevent your skin from premature aging. They are also anti-infective and work well for blood circulation.

A glass of red wine or a brunch of dark / red grapes a day will provide you with polyphenols, so will raisin.

A mask: mill the grapes (one brunch is enough) in a bowl and add milk (proportions 1 to 1). Wet a gauze wad in it and put it on your face for 20 minutes. Then wash your face and apply cream by gently rubbing it on your skin.


How to get rid of dark circles

Dark circles is a problem that is hard to deal with. First of all, try to get more sleep. Drink more water during a day (8 glasses), but don't drink it before you go to sleep, as you can get "fluffy eyes". Same about salty products, you can't eat too much of them, especially before you go to sleep.

Dark circles under eyes can be caused by problems of blood circulation (this is why you need to drink more water).

Products containing vitamin K (cucumbers) are great for your skin color, as vitamin K helps the blood circulation.


How to get beautiful lips

Vitamin B2 is for lips, skin, nails, and hair. Here is what you need to eat: animal liver and kidneys, mushrooms, almond, cottage cheese, milk, more fruit and vegetables. Lack of vitamin B2 is usually caused by lack of milk products in your menu.

A mask: 2 tablespoon of cottage cheese + 1 teaspoon of honey, whip it so it reminds cream and apply to your lips and under your eyes. Wash your face with cool milk.


Shiny and elastic skin

Vitamin E: in vegetable oils, liver, eggs, beans, broccoli, canker berries, sandthorn, greens, apple and pear seeds.

Eat fish and take calcium.

To make your skin elastic you are going to need vitamin C: in lemon, orange, canker berries, strawberries, kiwi, raspberry. But the leader from this list is canker berry.


Don't overdo vitamin C

Don't take too much vitamin ?, "the more the better" thing doesn't work here.

Don't overdo with masks

Don't do masks every day, give you skin a rest, don't do all the work for your body, your body can take care of itself once in a while.



To keep your skin clear and shiny for years you need to remember these things, and follow the rules. Maintaining your skin health can be exhausting, but it has to be done. Never forget that you are what you do and what you eat. Mind your diet and you will be fine!

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