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How to Get 360 Waves


360 waves is a hairdo that many African Americans choose. This hairstyle can make even unmanageable hair look very nice and neat. Even if you believe you can’t get 360 waves with your hair it doesn’t mean you can’t. Here we will list things that you need to get 360 waves and products you can use to make your hair manageable. To learn how to get nice waves, read the article and use the video attached below as a visual aid.


You will need:

  • Horsehair brush;
  • Towel;
  • Doo Rag;
  • Pomade;
  • Bowl.


Prepare in advance

First of all, your hair has to be 1.5 '' (4 cm) long for you to do 360 waves so it lies nicely and forms perfect waves. There are three major type of hair in African Americans: soft, medium and thick. Figure out what type you are. If your hair is thick and heavy, you will need a good texturizer for your hairstyle to turn out well (use Sportin Waves or S-Curl).

Wash your hair

Wash your hair with a quality shampoo and use a hair conditioned afterwards. Hair conditioner and a shampoo shouldn’t go in one bottle. After you wash your hair, wait for it to dry completely or just use a blow dryer if you have one.

Apply texturizer

Fill a pot with water, bring it to a boil and let it chill. Take texturizer on your hand (1'' size) and spread it all over your hair. Moisten towel in warm water, it shouldn’t be wet, just moist! Put towel over your head and press on it. Keep doing that till pomade gets into your hair. Brush your hair thoroughly but carefully. Put on your doo rag. To get best results do this every day. Keep wearing doo rag.


Don’t forget

Don’t forget that the most important thing here is - brushing hair perfectly and thoroughly. Pomade should be spread evenly – this is the secret. If you fail to do that, you won’t get 360 waves or will get them only near the center or edges.

No washing or brushing

After you go through with this process, don’t brush or wash your hair for a couple of weeks. Moisture is going to ruin your waves, the longer you keep them dry the better. It works the same way with straightened hair – the second it gets wet, it starts waving again.

No haircuts

This is the obvious one – no haircuts while you are in the process of getting perfect waves, which takes at least a couple of weeks. Once you get a haircut, go through with the 360 waving again – start over.



Remember that the secret of perfect '360 waves' hairdo is a quality pomade and proper brushing. If you are careful, attentive and stick to the rules, you will soon get those waves. We also recommend you watching video tutorials on this to make sure you understood everything right.

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