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How to Gain Muscle


It is likely that many men from 10 to 50 years old dream of becoming strong and beautiful and besides that grow larger muscle mass. It is a common opinion that if one has a healthy and trained body he will be able to achieve more in his life in comparison with those who are weak and subjected to illnesses. Healthy body means healthy spirit. But not all of the ones who wish to gain muscle mass make the real efforts to achieve their goal. It often happens when a person starts taking the first steps towards his goal but lacks discipline and patience. Finally he gives up his lifestyle and abandons his dream.

Bodybuilding usually requires a lot of time and self-devotion, even if it has nothing in common with the professional competitive sport. As soon as you have made a decision to gain muscle mass and shape your body be ready to throw the nearest two or three years to this. You will find out from this article how to gain muscles. You won't find here an detailed description of the physical exercises or comparison of the protein muscle builders. To make it clear what will suit you perfectly you will have to consult your fitness instructor. These things are to be chosen individually. This article will introduce you some general principles of bodybuilding and tips to improve your physical shape. All in all in the process of gaining muscle weight there are three main constituents that are of a crucial importance. Let us consider each of them.


Physical trainings

To become stronger one needs to provide his body the necessary physical strain. First of all you will need to develop the plan of your training sessions where you will specify what exercises you will need to do and in what consequence. You may either look up some exercise plans in the thematic books or follow the advice from some videos. But it will be more sensible to ask your friends who are fond of bodybuilding to give you a piece of advice or consult your personal coach. Warming your body up before the training is extremely important. Take into consideration that if your go in for body building you won't work out as women do to lose weight. It is much more difficult to gain the muscular weight.

Warming up

The proper warm-up will prepare your body for lifting the heavy weight. Stretch your muscles after the training. But always take into consideration that trainings should be developed individually.


Nutrition is the second "whale" on which the bodybuilding is based. To grow your muscles you need to feed your body properly. To make it clear what and when do you need to eat you should examine the content of the food your have bought. Read the information about its nutritional value carefully. All the products consist of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Remember that proteins may be compared to the bricks which our body uses to build muscle tissues. Carbohydrates may be compared to the fuel which provides the necessary stock of energy that you spend during the day. In the morning eat more carbohydrates: whole grains, pastry, fruit and vegetables. In the afternoon switch to the food rich in proteins: fish, nuts, seafood, mushrooms, eggs, boiled meat.

Relaxation and rest

The third component is the healthy rest. Provide enough sleep for your body as it grows the muscle tissues during the deep phase of sleep. Have a rest after each training. Avoid stress and worrisome situations.

Analyze your health condition and choose the proper training load

The training loads for men and women differ as the ones for beginners and experienced sportsmen. Analyze the state of your body to choose the training load that will provide you the best result but won't result in an injury. The women who only make their first steps in bodybuilding may start with minimal training load. That means you need only to feel some strain doing the last session of weightlifting. The same is for the beginning men. The experienced bodybuilders may increase the amount of sessions. It is better to double the amount of sets, but not load your spine with extremely heavy bar bells.

Body proportions

The peculiarities of male and female bodies should be taken into consideration in bodybuilding as well. The newbies often start developing biceps and pectorals supposing that would make them look like Apollo. Women rush to the steppers and exercise bicycles hoping cardio workout would turn them into Kate Moss. However it is necessary to develop all the muscle groups wisely to make your body look proportional. For example if you are a young female with the body of Venus de Milo you may probably concentrate on butt and hips workout. That won't provide the desired result. It is sensible to develop the upper body muscles to balance the apple bottom.

Choose the right clothes and sport accessories

The sports clothes that you will wear in the gym needs to be made of the soft elastic fabrics. Make sure that you feel quite comfortable wearing it. It is not recommended to wear mini shorts or sports bra without tees on. The footwear should be comfortable for you as well. Avoid laving the laces hanging out of your sneakers. Take the small clean towel to wipe the sweat off your body. It is necessary to keep the water balance during the training so make sure you have a bottle of pure still water with you.

Set the goal and achieve it

Decide what do you need to do in order to get the body of your dream. In the case you have to get ripped you will have to stick to one plan and in the case you need to gain muscles you will need to choose the other one. Consult the trainer to develop the suitable eating and training plan. Take into consideration that in the case you don't have the proportionally developed well-trained muscles there is no point in getting ripped.


  • Don't neglect warming up exercises. They will prepare you heart for significant strain.
  • Don't worry if firstly your muscles will grow together with fat. That is normal.
  • Don't consume any chemicals to grow muscles.



The artificial chemical solutions for growing muscles may appear to be quite dangerous for your health. Such solutions may cause electrolyte imbalance or metabolism disorder. Choose the natural products.

These basic principles will help you to gain muscles effectively. If you have no results you may be doing something wrong.

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