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How to French Braid your Own Hair


One of the best hairstyles for both weekdays and special occasions for those girls who have long hair is French braid. However that is quite difficult to make that nice hairstyle by yourself braiding your own hair. A lot of patience, diligence and some experience is required to make smooth and beautiful French braid. That hairstyle will suit for all hair types: straight, wavy or curly. But take into consideration that the minimal length of your hair should be not less than 12 inches. Generally you may try to braid your own hair if your hair reach your shoulders. In that case you should use some styling spray or hair wax to prevent the shorter locks from escaping from French braid.

Hairdressers and stylists give a simple piece of advice. To make your French braid look smoother take equal amount of hair from both sides of your head with the help of your pinky fingers.



  • Before you start braiding your own hair make sure that all the necessary tools and accessories are at hand. Luckily, French braid doesn't require a lot of them. You won't need scrunchies or curlers. Take a coupe of the invisible hair pins and a plain hair band.
  • Your hair should be clean. Only in that case the French braid will look smooth.
  • Start with combing your hair properly. The perfect way to avoid the appearing of that annoying spiky locks you should wash your hair with the conditioner using. If your hair is curly the French braid will look bigger and have more volume. By the way it is a good way to make your hair seem thicker and bigger.


  • Comb your hair back. If you want to make two French braids you need to make the parting and comb the both parts of your hair carefully.
  • Separate three equal locks right above your forehead. Enumerate them in your mind from left to right. Place the lock number one between the locks number two and three. Now place the lock number three between the second and the first one. But take some hair with the third lock from the right part of your head with your pinky finger.
  • Repeat the steps with the locks. But do that in a reversed order. Take some hair from your left temple with the lock using your pinky finger.
  • Now proceed French braiding your own hair according to this scheme. Don't forget to take the equal amount of hair from the both sides of your head with each lock you place between the two others ones. Proceed until the length of your hair comes to the end. You may stop at the line of you neck or proceed braiding a plain plait below your shoulders.

Hairstyle ideas

  • You may roll your hair that hang below the neck and fix it behind the braid using the invisible hair pins.
  • Another good way to complete your hairstyle is to make a bun below your French braid and decorate it with the artificial flower or ribbon if you are going to party.


  • Don't suppose that French braid is a good way to hide the greasy hair. A bun or a ponytail will make that better.
  • Don't pull your hair too tight or your head would ache.
  • Don't pull your hair unevenly.



If you are making a French braid for the first time that is quite normal if your braid will look somewhat messy. It is recommended not to give this idea up but to practice more. After some attempts you will be able to make a nice French braids quickly. To make your braid look more relaxed and trendy try to pull the loops of your hair. Another good idea is to make two French braids and join them in one at the back of your head.

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