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How to Freeze Strawberries


Strawberry is a word that can make anyone drool. We imagine nice and fresh berries, which are absolutely delicious. Most people would be happy to eat fresh strawberries all year long, but they can't. Of course you can buy strawberries in winter, but winter strawberries are either brought from a distant place, or grown in greenhouses without natural sunlight. They are no good, besides they are expensive. This is why frozen strawberries are so appealing. You can choose the biggest red berries and freeze them to enjoy in winter, but if you do it wrong, they are going to be sour and/or turn to jelly. Here is how to freeze strawberries right.



Freezing strawberries without sugar

  • To begin with, pick fresh and red-ripe berries (that aren't damaged) and carefully wash them.
  • Remove sepals.
  • Put them on a towel and let them dry (less than an hour! Don't let them lie there for too long).
  • Then put the strawberries on the dish (one layer, make sure all the berries lie separately) and put them in the freezer.
  • When they are completely frozen, put them all in one bag and thoroughly seal it. Put a paper with the name of the strawberries and the date inside.

Freezing strawberries with sugar

  • Technique is pretty similar. Pick red-ripe strawberries, carefully wash them, and remove sepals.
  • Put them on a towel (or on a cutting board) to dry, make it less than an hour. Otherwise berries can start to produce juice and will become wet again.
  • Put them in a freezer (make sure they don't touch each other). They will be fully frozen in a couple of hours. As frozen strawberries seem to be not as sweet as the fresh ones, when you get them out of a freezer to put them together, prepare a plastic container, first put one layer of berries and cover it with sugar powder.
  • Cover every layer with sugar; put the container back in the freezer until the winter comes.

Freezing strawberries with sugar syrup

  • When you make a syrup, you need to take ½ - sugar, ½ - water and boil them together.
  • After you do it, let it cool off.
  • Prepare strawberries the way described in the first two recipes: Choose the best berries, wash and dry them, freeze them separately, put them all in a plastic container and cover them with sugar syrup.


No soaking

Don't soak strawberries in the water: they will lose the taste and nutrient elements.

No drying

Don't let strawberries dry for too long: as I mentioned, they will get wet again as they will start producing juice.

No sugar for those who are intolerant to it

Don't freeze strawberries with sugar if you have diabetes or you are allergic to sugar.

Morning strawberries

Don't pick strawberries in evening or noon, pick them in the morning. In the morning they are especially sweet and flavorful.



If you have never done it before, then first you should try to freeze just a fistful of strawberries, then unfreeze them and see what they are like. This way you can see if there is enough sugar and if you did everything right. If you like what you get, you can freeze as much berries as you want and be sure they are going to bring you and your family a lot of pleasure in winter. It is important to have a little piece of summer in a freezer, especially when you know you can taste summer anytime you want. Good luck freezing your strawberries!

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