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How to Fold a Pocket Square


Suit up! This phrase has become popular all over the world thanks to Barney Stinson. Barney has done something unbelievable - he made even those man who never wore a suit, do that. Indeed, what can possibly be more attractive than a man in a suit. During hundreds of years, men were wearing suits and ties and to make a tie look better in accordance with a suit, some men wear a pocket or other accessories in a pocket of their jacket. English tradition says that what you have in a pocket should supplement the tie but not be of the same fabric as it. For example, Oscar Wilde was wearing green carnation in a pocket of his jacket instead of a pocket square and he was counted to ? a well-known dandy of his epoch.

Today, most of men are more conservative and prefer to have pocket squares rather than other more courageous things. Of course, you can't just place a pocket square in a random order, you need to fold it correctly before. Follow the tips below to get to know how to fold a pocket square.


There are several most popular variations of folding a pocket square, pick the one that is most suitable for the occasion and is best for the fabric of pocket square you have. Here are the most classic styles that work the best if you have a cotton made pocket square, this won't really work out if you have a silk or chiffon one.

Presidential pocket square

One of the most official ways to fold a pocket square. Place a pocket on a table and make sure there are no folds on it. Fold it from left to right over the top so that the upper side covers the bottom one completely. Fold the lower part of this rectangle inwards for 1/3 or ¼ of the total length of a rectangle. Now place folded pocket square into the pocket.

Television pocket square

Place a pocket square in front of you so that its corners are oriented as the sides of horizon (up, down, left and right). Put the upper and lower corners together so that you have a triangle now in front of you. Decide where the middle parts of each sides of this triangle are (except for the base of the triangle) and fold both these sides to the center. You should get a pentagon looking somewhat like a house with a triangle roof. Now put this pocket square into your pocket with a corner down.

One point pocket square

Fold your pocket into 8 layers so you have a puffy relatively compact square. Now place the square so that the corners look up, down, to the left and to the right. Put upper and lower corners together so you get a triangle. Fold left and right corners of this triangle a bit to the center but they shouldn't overlap each other. Put this construction into your pocket with a corner up.


Don't be afraid to experiment with your own styles of folding a pocket square, you might invent your own styles that will make your whole look even more edgy.



Pocket square is a touch of charm and a class in an appearance of a man in a suit. It can make your look more modern, romantic or official. It's a sign that you are wearing suits on a regular basis and only doing as a once in a lifetime duty.

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