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How to Fix a Relationship


Is it possible to fix the broken relationships? And is that necessary to do it? As the family psychologists with the rich experience claim it is quite possible to save the broken (that means remaining in the deep crisis) marriage. However to do that the both spouses need to apply as mush effort as they can, be extremely patient and ready to listen to each other and find a compromise. Generally the family psychologists suppose that there are five steps to fix the broken marriage. You may follow them and who knows maybe you will manage to save your marriage, heal the wounded hearts, save the psychics of your children and prevent your common property from being divided. Anyway it is always worth to try.

As you may know relationships and marriage are not the never ending feast and the total romance. It is a pity but the most part of the people turn out to be not quite ready to such discovery. If your marriage has started covering with cracks and is about to be totally ruined be sure that your case in not the unique one. According to the social research of the specialists in the USA each second family faces this problem sooner or later. Those people who claim they have never experiences misunderstanding or some more serious problems are the liars or take anti depressant pills that's why everything seems to be that nice to them. But the problem is not that in each family there are some problems but in you being ready to solve there problems together with your husband or wife and to overcome the difficulties shoulder to shoulder.


Admit you have some problems

First of all admit that the problem that you have faced is the serious one. It often happens when one of the spouses suffers from the lack of understanding and the emotional support from the second one while the last one lives in the blind unawareness (in the most cases that is quite conscious unawareness) ignoring the whole problem. If such situation lasts for long one of the spouses may quit. To fix the marriage the both sides are to take part in the dialog.

Get a professional help

Apply to the professional psychologist for the help. If your family life is about to be ruined it may be dangerous to fix it on your own. You will agree with the fact that if you would know what to do you would find yourself in such sad situation.

Analyze your actions

Be ready to evaluate your actions both positive and negative. In the weak family union the both sides know the disadvantages of the opposite one and blame it for literally every problem. Of course that is the important information but that is only one half of the whole picture. Be ready to take the responsibilities for your mistakes.

Be ready for the changes

It may be surprising but the crisis may only strengthen the relationships. It is possible in the fact the both spouses are ready to be wise and not only admit their mistakes but analyze them and avoid them in the future.


  • Don't act destructively. Try to save the situation with each word, gesture or action.
  • Don't suppose that you are the only one who is right. Analyze your own actions.
  • Don't wait for the problems to solve themselves. Act! Many couples wait for too long and apply for the help when the marriage is impossible to be saved. While you are staying passive the mutual offends are piled up like a snowball.



Remember that even if the pain is too strong you need to overcome it together for the sake of your common happiness. Listen to each other and speak up. Try t lead the constructive dialog.

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