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How to Fish a Small Creek


Fishing a small creek may be a little or no success, even though it is quite pleasant. What can be better than fishing in a secluded place, all alone with with nature? There are still tips that can help you fish a small creek and actually catch some fish. Size of fish depends not on the size of a stream but on the water.



Pick a spot

You have to pick a spot where no one has ever been before. If it is not possible, pick a secluded place where people rarely fish. No need to say it should be someplace quiet. Think if this spot is going to be convenient for fishing. Is there enough place for all your equipment, is there a place to put a small chair and other stuff? If you are fishing with a friend, make sure there is enough room for two.


Get ready

Prepare all the fishing stuff you can possibly need. Since it is probably not your first time fishing, you know what to take: fishing rod, live bait or / and a spinner, float (if necessary) and etc. You can collect live bait right there, on the spot. If you have to go too far, donít take much stuff.



  • You need to find fishing holes and fish them at different depths. Try every spot, luckily, you have enough time for that. Donít judge water by its surface. Sometimes fish can be on the very bottom, this is why you need to pay attention to every zone and not leave any spot without attention.
  • Make sure you donít make any noise and donít scare fish away.
  • You can get to the pool from the downstream end, and let the spinning tremble in the steam of water.
  • If you are inexperienced fisher, use a float so you can tell when fish bites.
  • If you have a little or no success, try changing the bait Ė this may be the problem.


Warm clothes

This is what fishers often forget to bring along. If you sit on a shore for a long time you are more likely to get cold. This is why you mustnít forget warm clothes, hot beverage in a thermos cup and some sort of mosquito repellent.

No noises

You have to pick someplace quiet, no talking or laughing if you want to catch a lot of fish. You still can whisper if you are fishing with a friend.



Fishing is a great hobby: it is soothing, it helps you calm your nerves and gather your thoughts. There is nothing like fishing all by yourself, such moments really help you look into your soul and rethink some stuff. It is also a great way to bond with a friend or family.

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