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How to Find your Dominant Leg


Sometimes people need to know which leg is dominant, for example to learn how to snowboard, surf, do a cartwheel, etc. However, the domination of a leg doesnít depend on your being right-handed or left-handed. You need to know what leg is your dominant to succeed in different workouts. Itís also useful when you learn dancing moves. Working with your dominant leg helps you move gracefully and keep the balance. Finally, you can use this knowledge to make up your workout plan and pay special attention to a weaker leg. So, how do you find your dominant leg? There are several ways to do that, so feel free to check the guidelines and choose one that you like the most or just try them all to make sure you did it right.



One-two step test

This is the easiest way to understand what leg dominates. Just stand straight and make a step. Leg that makes the first move is the leading one.


Chair test

Climb the chair and then try to go down on your knees. Again, the knee that goes first is the dominant one.


Cross-leg test

As the name suggests, sit on the chair and cross your legs. The top one is your dominant leg.


Jumping rope test

Take a rope and jump it for a while. Pay attention to the leg that comes first as you jump.


Friend test

Youíll need some assistance for this experiment. Ask your friend to stay behind you and push you in the back. The push should be strong enough to make you step forward, but not too strong because you donít want to fall down and dip your face in the mud. Watch your legs as you make that step forward Ė the first one to move is the dominant.


Measuring tape test

Find a sandy place and make 5-10 steps. Go back to the starting point and measure the length of the traces for each leg and each step. Do a simple math and find the simple average of 5-10 steps made by each leg. Compare the numbers: the leg with larger index is your dominant leg because the steps made by a dominant one are usually slightly larger than those made by another leg.


  • Unlike your dominant arm, dominants leg doesnít tell anything about your personality. Itís just another fancy thing to know about your body.
  • Donít use the friend test on a firm surface like concrete. You donít want to fall down and hurt yourself.
  • Be careful when you do a chair test. Move slowly and try not to fall off the chair. Safety first!
  • Donít give up if you couldnít find your dominant leg with one of these tests. Feel free to try them all and compare the results.


You probably know that our body slightly lacks symmetry. Alongside with dominant leg, we have a dominant eye, dominant ear, and dominant arm. Your dominant leg is the strongest and more developed of two, and you can make use of this knowledge when do sports and learn different workouts.

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