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How to Find the G Spot


G-spot was named after German gynecologist – Gräfenbergs. It is area of vagina (its front wall) where the sensitive spot is located. Stimulating this spot leads to powerful orgasms and brings a lot of pleasure into a woman’s sex life. Some scientists claim that G-spot existence is purely subjective; others believe they have found this spot using ultrasound. Nonetheless, many women don’t feel anything special when their partner stimulates the area where the G-spot is supposed to be, and it is absolutely normal: not all women are sensitive to this. If you are eager to find your partner’s G-spot, we are here to guide you.




You have to wash your hands and trim your nails first, as lady parts are very sensitive to all sorts of bacteria. Some women feel “the call of nature” when their partner stimulates the G-spot, and it is natural as the G-spot is right next to the urinary tract. This is why a woman is supposed to void her bladder beforehand and take a shower.



A woman should lay on her back, and it is the only right position for finding the G spot. The pressure is going to go up her belly, not her back, which is why she should lay on her back.



The G-spot is located 1 – 3 inches up the front vaginal wall between the urinary tract and vagina. You should insert one or two fingers in the vagina (finger-cushions up). First move them one inch up pressing finger-cushions to the front vaginal wall as you do so. If you don’t feel a little bump, and a woman is not particularly aroused or exited, keep moving them up and massaging the front vaginal wall at the same time. Make sure you do it slowly so you don’t miss the bump.



The G-spot is hard to stimulate with a male organ, even in missionary position. This is why it needs manual stimulation. It is about 1 cm below the surface (1/3 – 1/2 an inch) and you have to apply enough pressure to stimulate it. It is probably better to bend your fingers a little bit and move in tune with your partner’s motions.



Some people think that even though stimulating G-spot feels great for a woman, it can’t be compared to intercourse. It can. In fact, if a woman is sensitive to G-spot stimulation, it may trump sensations she gets during actual intercourse.


  • Don’t start looking for G-spot if a woman is not aroused (or not completely aroused), in this case you have more chances to fail or hurt her.
  • Apply enough pressure when stimulating or looking for the G-spot, but not too much - woman’s organs are very sensitive and easy to hurt.



Remember that not every woman is sensitive to this, and if your partner is not, you may want to try finding other spots, like A-spot or U-spot (Gray’s anatomy) and clitoris stimulation.

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