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How to Find a Girlfriend


If you don't have a girlfriend, it means someone has two. Or maybe you have a girl, but you are not that into her, and you are afraid to end things with her because finding a new one may take a lot of time. Or maybe you just don't know how to act around women. When you don't have a girlfriend you may feel dissatisfaction, or even think of yourself as a failure. Relationships are very important. They are indicators of our happiness. You may have a car, friends, a great job, but if you don't have a girlfriend it may result in lack of confidence which can have negative effect on other spheres of your life: "why should I think through my outfit? I am out of the game" or "I can have this sandwich just once, no one is here to see me eat it"


Be proactive

Go out, try and practice. This is a great way but it takes time. There is a chance you won't succeed (as you don't know what exactly to do yet); failures in this sphere may really hurt you and you can decide to give up, and it is important that you don't.

Be secure and confident

To meet a girl you need to be secure and confident. Start with the little things - your hair, face expression, your outfit. You can't possibly do well if you are worried about how you look or smell.

If you never wore a cologne and don't know which one to choose, then don't bother. The main thing is - you shouldn't smell bad.

Opening line

Come up with an opening line, it can be a simple one, just make sure it doesn't sound tacky and unnatural. The first few phrases may be a little abstract (but don't talk about the weather), then you can tell a little something about yourself (a little, just to give her a general idea about what kind of person she is talking to), and express genuine interest in her (But don't ask too many personal questions!)

Ask her out

Tell her she is a very pleasant person and you would like to see her again sometime; ask her phone number. If you get turned down, take it as a man, tell her it was very nice meeting her. You may give her your number ‘in case she changes her mind'. You can make a little joke about how she can burn it if she wants, so she doesn't think of you as an annoying guy she met.

Know when to leave

If conversation goes well, but sooner or later you run out of things to say, ask her number and leave (she may think you have to go, everyone has a life, right?).


Don't take a ‘pick up' course.

You will get a support there, you will learn what to say, but there is a chance you will just heighten your expectations, as everything will seem to go so well during the training. There can be another problem: before you take the training you are motivated, training itself may lower your motivation. And the biggest disadvantage of such trainings is that they make you wear "masks". Your fear of the unknown doesn't disappear, you just mask it. Besides, such trainings usually teach you to view a girl as an enemy who has to be defeated. This is why even if you get a girl, you will still have major relationship issues, as you won't be able to open up.



When you ask a girl out you will have enough time to think through your first date. You can do it basing on your first impression: you already know what it is like to talk to her, maybe you even now what makes her laugh or what movies she likes.

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