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How to Find a Domain Name


If you want to launch a website, your domain name would mean the difference between success and failure. However, many people make mistakes when choosing the name for their websites, and you don't want to make these mistakes. There are several things you need to take into consideration when choose your domain name. Here they are.


Make up your mind about the domain zone

It may vary depending on the specification of your online resource. If you run a non-commercial website, you'd better opt for your regional domain zone (.de for Germany, .fr for France, etc). Com zone is perfect for commercial projects, although .net and .org will work well, too. Opt for .info for informative or media projects, and .edu for educational websites. Basically, your domain zone choice matters in case you want to launch a SEO campaign for your site because some zones are easier to optimize than others.

?hoose the name

You want to make it short, catching, and easy to memorize. Preferably, try not to use hyphens and dots. You want the domain name to give a user an idea of what your website is about, and it's great if it contains popular keywords. For example, if you own a website that deals with selling houses, go to Adwords.google.com and type "selling houses" into the search box. Filter the results according to your needs and choose the most popular keywords from the suggested list.

If you launch a website for a company, choose the name of the company as the domain name if possible. Anyways, always look for something short and laconic. However, it should correlate with the specifics of your website, even if you will have to sacrifice the shortness.

Check the availability of the chosen domain name

You can do it on your hosting provider's website

Of course, it's hard to choose something that hasn't already been chosen by someone else, but you can add hyphens or add some universal prefixes, suffixes, and additional words to your domain name in order to make it unique (super-, ultimate-; store, shop, online, etc).

Check the same domain name in other zones

Double check that you don't have a fishy namesake in another zone. For example, if your domain name is cutepuppies.com, and you found out that cutepuppies.info is a gay porn website, you'd better choose another name.

Make sure the domain name is registered from your ip address and you have the access to the control panel.


  • Don't misspell! Double check the domain name is written correctly.
  • Avoid ambiguous names and negative associations.
  • Don't use the names that are consonant with popular brands.
  • Don't use free domain hostings. Websites that you don't invest in won't live long.
  • Avoid certain letter combinations that can confuse people, such as "rn" that looks like "m", or "w" that can be confused with "vv".
  • Don't trust the dealers who offer you .firm, .shop, .web, .arts, .rec, .nom domain zones. These are just the developing projects, and these sellers offer you the possibility to use them in the future.
  • Don't choose the senseless letter combination. It's easy to optimize for search engine due to zero level of competition, but it's hard to memorize and doesn't make sense for a user.



Choosing the right domain name is the thing that many people overlook. In fact, popularity of your website depends on the domain name a lot, so you want to do your homework and take some time to choose the best variant. Take the above-mentioned tips into consideration and start your search!

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