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How to Find Out What your Spiritual Animal Is


Every person has a spiritual animal. Some say: you don’t choose your spiritual animal, your spiritual animal chooses you. There is a plenty of spiritual animals, the most popular of them are: a bear, a crow, a hawk, and owl, a snake, a wolf, a lion, a horse, a cow and a cat. There are many ways to find out what your spiritual animal is: via observation, mediation, dreams and etc. You can have more than one spiritual animal depending on the phase of your life. In this article we offer you guidelines on how to find your spiritual animal.



What are you like?

First you need to look into your soul and think what you have in common with these animals. To make it easier for you we provide the list of spiritual animals. Every animal has a meaning, a set of features / notions that describe it:

  • Bear - strength and confidence, leadership, solitude.
  • Crow – magic, intelligence, mystery, adaptability, manipulation.
  • Deer – Gentleness, grace (in actions), innocence, staying in touch with life’s mysteries.
  • Dragonfly - joy, adaptability, lightness of being.
  • Fox – cunning, adaptability, wisdom and activity.
  • Hawk – spiritual awareness, the ability to focus, wisdom.
  • Horse – strong emotions, activity, drive, passion.
  • Hummingbird – joy, lightness of being, independence, travel.
  • Lion – strength and power, aggression.
  • Owl – wisdom, ability to see right through, an awl is also a symbol of change.
  • Sheep – vulnerability and innocence, self-acceptance.
  • Snake – Transformations and changes, life force, spiritual guidance.
  • Spider – patience, femininity (as opposed to a horse), creativity, dark aspects of being.
  • Tiger – willpower, strength and confidence, aggression, unpredictability.
  • Wolf – freedom, strong instincts, luck of trust (even to him/herself)

Ask yourself a few questions

If you are not sure which one of these animals is yours, answer a few questions:

  • what animal do I relate to?
  • what animal am I always glad to see when I go outside?
  • what animal comes to me in my dreams?

Meditation and dreams

Try to put yourself in an animal’s “shoes”, see what animal you have common energy with. Keep a journal, and make notes after each mediation. If you are familiar with the technique of loosening dreams, you can do it in your dream.



Make a contact with that animal (if it is not dangerous), for instance, if it is a cat, play with a cat, pet it, learn more about this animal.


Beware of wild animals

Don’t come close to dangerous animals! For instance, if your spiritual animal is a lion, don’t approach it.

Don’t overthink

When thinking about what you and an animal have in common, don’t think too much, note the first thing that comes to mind. Don’t overthink this – it is an important part.

Don’t get upset, if

Don’t get upset if you can’t mediate, or loosen your dream, all you need is concentration and relaxation. The more you worry, the smaller is your chance to succeed.



You shouldn’t just think about what you and your animal have in common, you should think about what you can learn from this animal, as it is supposed to be your spiritual guide. You can read more about spiritual animals and what they represent, analyze them and make sure you figured your animal right.

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