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How to Find Gold


Gold is considered to be one of the most precious metals, and people have been looking for it since the outset of time. This metal is chemically stable and doesnít become rusty or gets influenced by aggressive external factors like acids or alkali. Thatís why it can be found in nature in a farm of nuggets. It means that you can find it without having any special equipment.

There are several ways to find gold. All of them are pretty time consuming and can end up with failure, but itís totally worth trying. Letís check the most popular ways of looking for gold.



Before you start your search, make sure there is any gold in the river of choice. Most rivers have already been scanned for this precious metal, and this information can be found in the description of the river and geological reports. Surely, the largest part of the total gold content has already been extracted, but they obviously couldnít find all the gold. Thus, you have good chances to find some in your local rivers.

Youíd better start your search in the hollows. The point is gold is often accompanied with quartz, and its particles are destroyed by external factors and washed out and release the golden particles. So, if there is any quartz in the river, the chances to find gold are much higher. Also, look at the spots where the riverbed turns or bends. Tiny mountain streams are also great places to look for gold.



Sometimes, the particles of gold can be found on the shore. Besides, alongside with natural untreated gold, shores are famous for careless people who occasionally lose their jewelry. Metal detector can help you with both types. High frequency detectors are a little bit more expensive than regular ones, but they give you better chances to find something except rusty cans. However, high frequency detectors react on various metals, so get ready to hear that beeping sound pretty often.



Gold can often be found in other minerals, such as silver, quartz, and copper. If you know some places with copper or quartz fields, feel free to go there and look for some gold. Of course, itís hard to detect gold without having proper equipment and knowledge, but even a simple metal detector can do the trick.

Donít trespass private property

Looking for gold on the private property is totally pointless: even if you succeed with your searches and find some nuggets, you canít take it away or sell because it belongs to the owner of the land.

Donít search for gold without permission

If you are planning to dig in the national park or pan in the river, you need to obtain permission from your state.

Donít set the expectations too high

Even with the best equipment and highly perspective place, the chances to find gold are still low. Try to relax and enjoy the process instead of feverishly digging the soil.



Searching for gold is an exciting adventure, and although it is believed that finding nuggets is a prerogative of either skilled professionals or incredibly lucky people, you still have good chances to find your piece of gold. Choose the places where gold has already been found, use high quality equipment, and stay positive because fortune loves the optimists.

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