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How to Fight a Coyote


You never know what life is hiding in its sleeve. Meeting wild animals is not a type of experience everyone faces in real life, but itís always a good idea to play safe and learn how to act in extreme situations. If you found yourself in the forest with a wild coyote staring at you, you should be ready to prepare for defense. This information can be very useful when you go camping or live in the countryside. Usually, coyotes stay away from humans, but hunger or disease can force them to leave the pack. Check the guidelines to learn more about how to fight a coyote.


Analyze The Situation

Remember that wild coyote and rabid coyote are two different animals. 99% of healthy beasts would avoid confrontation with humans, while sick animals would show aggression. Here are the symptoms of rabies: hanged head, foamy mouth, and fur balls. Besides, note that coyotes usually hang out in packs and donít go soloÖ unless they are rabid. So, if the animal doesnít look ill, start talking to yourself monotonously and loudly. Donít scream or shout Ė it would scare them and switch on self defense instinct. Just mumble something and step back without turning your back on the beast. Keep recoiling up to the nearest tree and quickly climb it.

Try To Escape

If the coyote is aggressive and about to attack, search for the ways to escape.

  • The first thing you should do is identify the distance to the closest object that can hide youÖ and run! Run as fast as you can and donít look back. If you are not far away from the house, run inside and shut the door. By the way, coyotes are not very good in running down the hill and slantwise. Choose this trajectory if itís possible.
  • Again, feel free to climb trees Ė believe it or not, you would climb it in a couple of seconds in the situation like that.
  • Hiding in water is also a good idea. Coyotes can swim, but they are helpless in the water.

Fight And Win

If the beast attacks you and you have no chance to avoid this fight, try to keep his teeth away from your neck and face. Strong and sharp punches and kicks in the nose, jaw, tailbone, genitals, forehead, and ribs are the most effective ones.

Look around and search for some weapon. Thick tree branches or pieces or stones will do the trick. Besides, you can scoop some gravel or sand and throw it in the eyes of the animal.


Donít Be The First To Attack

Donít try to run away unless the beast attacks you right off the bat. No matter how fast you run, coyotes are faster that humans. When it sees you running for your life, it would follow the chasing instinct and catch you.

Donít panic

Coyotes feel your fear and understand that you are weak. Thatís an encouraging sign for them. Try to cope with your fear and stay cool.

Donít try to hide in the water if you canít swim

Drowning isnít much better than being eaten alive by a wild coyote.



Fighting with a wild coyote is a tough challenge, but you can be a winner if you know what to do. Many people make a common mistake when panic and try to run away. If you have to fight for your life with a coyote, try to stay cool and show him whoís the daddy. Remember: this animal is strong, but not stronger that you can be if donít panic. Good luck!

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