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How to Face Paint


If you have the right materials, face and body painting is very pleasant and not that hard. There is a lot of things you need to pay attention to: choose paint that is easy to apply to skin and make sure it doesnít leak. Paint should be durable, but it shouldnít be hard to remove. Procedure of face painting involves all kinds of preparations and other things. To learn more about body art and face painting, read our instructions.



  • fat cream or oil & gouache or FDA approved face paint;
  • #2 and #4 round brushes;
  • flat brush;
  • makeup sponges;
  • glitter (optional);
  • something to cover the floor/table;
  • soap and face cream;
  • an elastic, bobby pins.




Wash your face and dry it with a towel. Apply light cream to moisturize your skin before you apply makeup. Wait till cream dissolves so there is no extra grease on your face. If you are using gouache, use oil and apply gouache right away. Gouache dries fast and oil will help to postpone flaking. Cover your working surface with old newspapers or something else (to protect it from paint). Make sure hair doesnít get in the way: make a pony tail, use bobby pins if you have to.


From light to dark

If your ďpaintingĒ includes light colors, you should start with them and make them your foundation. To create this ďbackgroundĒ, use not a brush, but a sponge. Wait for paint to dry a little bit so when you keep painting colors donít mix.


From bigger objects to smaller ones

To draw an object with a darker color use a brush. To create and complete details use the smallest brush you have. If what you want to paint is a flower field, then use light-blue to create background, then put sponge aside and use a brush to draw grass, then use the smallest brush to complete blades of leaves and flowers.


Wait till paint dries

It is better to wait till paint dries and not try to dry it yourself. If you do it with a fan or hair drier it may cause paint flaking and overdry your skin. Alternatively, you can use hand fan made of paper. It will speed up the process and wonít affect your skin or paint.


  • Donít use water-color: not only does it flake fast and isnít bright, it contains oxides of heavy metals that can cause allergic reactions even in people who donít tend to get them.
  • Donít paint over sores, paint mustnít get into your blood, it may cause inflammation or infection.
  • Donít use markers to draw on your face. Even special water markers are hard to remove.



Have fun face painting and remember that it is better to not paint over the mouth part, so paint doesnít pull your skin and flake. Face painting is great for completing your New Year or Halloween outfit. If you donít have face paint, just use your makeup.

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