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How to Expedite a Passport


If you were lucky to set off for an unexpected vacation, such minor and obnoxious issue like the absence of passport can ruin your plans and force you to sit at home instead of enjoying picturesque sights of some attractive destination. You can speed up this process and get your passport on the right time even if you are in a hurry. You can use expedited passport service and travel freely. Check this article to understand what it takes to renew your passport in no time with minimum hustle.

DS application;

Evidence of US citizenship;


Proof of travel;





Make up your mind on the type of DS form and fill it in

DS-11 will work if you apply for the first time or want to restore a damaged or lost passport. You can apply by mail by using DS-82, change some information in your old passport by filling in a DS-5504 form, or opt for DS-4085 if you want to add some pages for a new visa.


Gather evidence of citizenship

Depending on your specific situation, youíll need to bring your birth certificate, old passport, certificate of citizenship, naturalization certificate, or consular report of birth abroad.


Prove your identity

To prove your identity, you can use the following documents: your ID, driverís license, Government employee ID, and military ID if you have one.


Gather your travel documents

You need to prove that you need this passport for legal traveling, so you can bring a copy o0f your itinerary, tickets, and hotel reservation.


Take a photo

Youíll need to bring a 2x2Ē color photo taken according to the specific requirements. Feel free to go to the photo service and inform the photographer on the purpose.


Bring your documents to the acceptance facility

You can find them in local post offices. Handle your papers to the acceptance agent for verification. Sign the application.


Pay your fees

You can do it at the same acceptance facility. Get ready to pay $110 for processing, $60 for expedited service, and $25 to the agent. After that, youíll receive your passport within 2-3 weeks.


Go to regional passport agency

Doing so, you can receive your passport in less than 2 weeks. Call 1-877-487-2778 to schedule an appointment.

If you mail a Form DS-82, mark the envelope by writing ďExpediteĒ on the back side.

  • Donít sign your DS-11 application until your acceptance agent asks you to do it.
  • Donít forget to proofread your application. Applications with mistakes are not accepted.
  • Donít wear white when you take a photo for your new passport. Itís taken on the white background, and you donít want to merge into it.



If you want to get your new passport without waiting for too long, you can opt for expedited delivery and receive it within a shorter period of time. Use our tips and watch the suggested video to get an idea of how it works and save yourself a lot of time.

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