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How to Exfoliate


It is necessary to exfoliate the facial skin to keep it in the good condition and allow the new sells to renew faster making the skin look radiant and healthy. The procedure of exfoliating helps to remove the dead skin cells and the skin surface gets softer as the tiny wrinkles disappear. You may use either the ready exfoliating scrubs or creams with the small abrasive grains or use the traditional organic exfoliating substances. Normally exfoliating it once a week is enough to keep the skin healthy. Exfoliating will also be helpful for the girls who have to type or write a lot at work or during their studies. When we are writing or typing our elbows usually are presses tightly against the table. If the skin of the elbows is not protected with the sleeves it gets dry and may start peeling. Later you may notice that your elbows get harder and rougher. To avoid that unpleasant skin condition it is recommended to exfoliate your elbows twice a week.


Use hard loofah

The easiest and cheapest way to exfoliate your skin at home is to use your regular shower gel and a pair of nylon gloves. Buy the transparent liquid soap or shower gel. The milky white or colored ones may contain the silicone agents that leave the thinnest membrane on your skin making it seem silky and smooth.

Take a hot shower or bath

The hit water will soak your skin and make the upper layer softer so it will come off easier. Take a proper amount of the shower gel to the gloves and rub them against each other until the thick homogenous foam appears. Now start rubbing your body with the nylon gloves. You may start with any part of your body you wish. Some people prefer to start with legs or back. Make the circular movements applying the necessary effort. Apply more effort when you rub your knees, elbows, legs, thighs and the back of your neck. When you proceed with your face you may use the cotton gloves instead of the nylon ones. Rinse your body with the warm water after the exfoliating procedure.

Natural exfoliates

  • You may try the home-made exfoliating mixtures as well. Consider making the sugar exfoliating. Sugar consists of the endless amount of grains that look like tiny cubes. Their sharp and will peel the dead skin cells off effectively. Take 3 tablespoonfuls of honey and the same amount of sugar. Mix the two ingredients together. Apply this mixture onto your body and rub it against the skin. Continue rubbing until the sharp grains of sugar dissolve totally. Take a warm shower after the peeling procedure.
  • You may also use the ground coffee to exfoliate your face. Mix 4 tablespoonfuls of coffee with 1 tablespoonful of oatmeal porridge. Apply this mixture onto your face and massage the facial skin gently. Leave the mask for 5 minutes and rinse it with the warm water thoroughly.


  • Don't exfoliate your skin if you are diagnosed with any type of acne. That will only spread the infection.
  • Don't exfoliate your skin if you feel itchy, burning or other signs of allergic irritation.
  • Don't rub the gentle parts of your body too intensively. The skin under your knees, on your wrists ad in your armpits is very tender and may be damaged easily.



The procedure of exfoliating is the essential part of the bronzing or tanning. The matter is that one of the easiest ways to get the beautiful even tan is to have your body exfoliated thoroughly beforehand. It is recommended to exfoliate your body twice a week before you have it tanned. Exfoliate your skin once a week and don't forget to use the hydration balm after exfoliating.

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