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How to Establish Leadership on your Football Team


Football is a great sport that helps you train all muscles of your body, especially your legs. If you are on a football team Ė good for you. Every team needs a leader. Being a leader can be hard, but it doesnít mean it you canít become one. To become a leader you have to learn a few things. In most cases leaders appear as a result of certain actions and behavior patterns. A leader is not chosen - he who stands out, he who people listen to - he becomes a leader. If you think you can make a good one, keep on reading.


Figure out the potential leaders

See who your team mates like the most, whose advice and approval they seek. Think why those people are so popular. What qualities make them potential leaders? Why your team mates like them and why their opinion matters. Answer these questions and think what you can learn from those players.

Be responsible

A good leader doesnít skip training, he is always ready to fill everyone in, he doesnít make a coach ask him twice, and doesnít need anyone to remind him to do his job. A good leader knows what he is doing, he is responsible, reliable, and supportive.

Support and help

If you see someone fail to do something, offer them your help, and when they succeed, tell them how good they are, your team mates will sure appreciate your help, especially if you share your tips and tricks. Encourage them, they shouldnít think they canít do something, show them that you donít doubt they are going to succeed.

Set a good example

You should be someone your team mates look up to. Donít skip training, listen to the coach, and exercise to improve your moves. To be a good leader you have to be a good football player, and you have to have people skills.


Donít try too hard

Donít try too hard to make them like you. They may think you are pretentious, besides, you donít want to come out as a goody-goody, it is annoying. Which means you shouldnít try too hard to please a coach either.

Donít fight

Learn to avoid and stop fights. Figure out how to stop a fight between two players of your team. A team is whole, and there should be no fights. All players of the team have the same goals, they all have a lot in common, and fights must be stopped. Donít fight with a coach either. When stopping a fight between the two players, make sure it doesnít look like you are taking anyoneís side.



As you see, the key to success is: being good at what you do and being ready to help others, being friendly; and one of the main rules is: no fights, no sucking up to others. Be yourself and donít pretend being someone you are not Ė you wonít be able to wear a mask forever.

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